We need more Guilty Gear players in Seattle

Fuck that fucking stupid tacoma area. (No offense brosephzz) I hate south washington, I never want to drive there unless I’m going through it. :lol:

I understand that accent core is a really intimidating installment of the game to jump into with the introduction of even more new shit, but I just wanna know what the consensus on the game is. Everyone knows most people’s opinion on 3s, CvS2, etc. but I don’t have a clue on GG.

Marvel players strike me as the kind who are just unstimulated by slower paced games like ST and third strike and stuff, but GG is fast like Marvel, more balanced than a crossover game ever could be, requires skillful execution like Marvel… has pretty colors like Marvel… has better music than Marvel (which is irrelevant but SHHHH) and well, that’s all I can think of without getting neg repped. :rofl:

I don’t have any expectations of luring new players, but I just wanna know what turns people off from guilty gear. It’s in my eyes the perfect(est) fighter out to date, I just fucking love the balance and all the defensive options. On top of good fundamentals, the game is the best looking 2d fighter IMO, has good music (wtf @ cvs2/mvc2), and great, original character design. And every single character is worthy of using!

Tired of getting knocked down only to add 8 meaningless seconds to your ST match while you wait for that full screen fireball to land on you, meaty, and kill you? Fuck chip damage, that’s what faultless defense is for.

Oh shit is the advantage on that blockstring/normal too much frame advantage to counter? Instant block (like just defend without the annoying freeze) that shit, nigga! Or even slashback which is like third strike’s parry system without the broken.

Unblockables got you down? Burst!

Tired of people running away? You gain nothing from running away in GG. In fact, you lose all your tension (super meter) via negative penalty if you don’t come in contact with your opponent within a reasonable time frame.

Sick of hearing “KAKATTE KINA!” from Ken? You taunt after a match and the opponent gets 50% (there’s two taunts though, respect and taunt, you can respect them afterwards :rofl: ) tension.

If you were ever bothered by the fact GG doesn’t have throw teching (wakeup throw :wasted:), accent core added that.

They even do the normals better than most fighting games. Most characters have a forward+punch normal that has some upperbody invulnerability, designed for anti-air, among other things.

Every single thing that’s ever pissed me off about a fighting game is solved in this game. It has it’s flaws, but come on now. Why the hate? (Or at least, lack of love?) Is it just a lack of motivation to learn a new/different game or what? If you’re intimidated by dustloop forums or the number notation (2k, 5s, 2d) you guys should know me well enough by now to understand that I seriously pick way too many characters in every single game I play. Thus, I have a nice general overall knowledge (but suck at the game because I don’t have specific practice with one character and their matchups).

I was just going to post that after watching some kickass gg playing last night, we need to start this up as a regular thing. Double air dash is tight. I was little freaked out by some of the serious damage from one super long and incredibly complicated combo, but it also looks like a lot of fun to master. Sign me up for it.:tup:

Plus, its the only series thats getting shown any love right now as far as rereleases and balancing, so there is a sense that someone cares about the players.

Yeah, me playing Millia is a little detrimental to my cause since she is the most mobile character with the weirdest craziest longest combos (which can’t look good to oncoming new players if they think they have to be able to do my air dash cancel relaunch combo shit to play the game) but to be honest she’s one of the worst damage dealers in the game, and has the worst defense, tied with Chipp. It’s the Akuma-syndrome in third strike. Rushdown like a motherfucker, takes damage like a motherfucker. …Millia is really risk v reward because she has to knock down and oki (okizeme = opponent’s wakeup) mixup to get her damage. However, if you play a risk v reward character against less skilled players it just looks like they’re broken as fuck. :rofl: Plus I was too drunk to even think of sandbagging a little and was kinda just rushing down on automatic style. Couldn’t have been encouraging! Haha.

I assure you, play a good Slayer and you’ll suddenly miss the concept of being beaten by skillful longer combos. :lol:

Anyway, one more valid point is that even though there’s a bizarre cast of interesting characters and you might not know where to start, there’s two decent shotoesque characters that aren’t hard to pick up, with your basic projectile(s), dragon punch, and then insert some move where you hurl your body weight and kick them or something. :rofl: Chipp also sorta fits the description but that’s like learning third strike with Sean.

I have heard Chip is the worst in most of the different versions. Is he just the bitch of Guilty Gear?

Ouch. That’s pretty cold. Ya, getting to Tae’s or Won’s is a pain sometimes due to the distance. But a guy named Christian is planning on hosting weekly sessions in Renton, that’s a bit better than either of the Tacoma guys. ( believe it or not only 3 guys are down that far south, I’m the next most south at like 15 miles north.) That’s about a 25 mile difference.

As for learning GG… Everyone in Washington is pretty nice to new players. I dont mind Travelling to meet new players either. Hey Brento, you should give me a call since you live in the same city as me.

phone: 253-797-7871

What other fighting games pay homage to metal?!? NONE.

Low defense+being in a game with bastards like Jam, May, Aba, Slayer and Eddie.
basically he dies too easily.

That’s cool that Christian’s hosting stuff, Renton’s a little more accessible. GG gatherings seem like they’re more of an early evening thing and I work 'til seven usually, so that’s kinda unfortunate.

Chipp as a character is fine, it’s just that he pays twice as much for mistakes so he just dies before you can win most the time.

Chipp takes damage really badly and his damage isn’t all that great either.

Every so often, me and my friend get together and play at the UW dorms. It’d be nice to get some other people in on it.

May is awesome. Counterhit HS leads to SOOOO much pain. Who knew a little girl swinging an anchor could do so much damage?

Heh. Chipp is far from being the weakest in AC.

I think Johnny, I-No, Dizzy, Bridget, Anji, and RKy (in no particular order) are below him, if not more, and they all do fine too.

I thought the GG scene was in Federal Way.

That would be a more representative central city but it’s all the same area to me!

Understandable! oh…

Off topic moment!

My bad for not showing up! I got you though promise! lol!

Tight. :cool:

I think the issue for me is that there is a little too much stuff in GG for me to enjoy it. More importantly, it does not feel like street fighter, if that makes any sense. However, despite its complex engine, it pulls it off so I can definately see why it is a good game.

I consider myself a jack of trades when it comes to fighters, but I will be the first to admit that my GG skills could use some beefing up.

Hey I saw potential when I played ya at randomselect. I understand it not feeling like street fighter, though. Marvel isn’t really either, though.

Tha’ss what I’m here for! If I can interest enough people of the same skill level I’m all for refraining from playing, or at least limiting myself, so that you guys can play each other and improve. I can coach and teach you basic combos and when you feel ready to take on something more complicated, I can help you come up with something that doens’t suck. I hate trying to improve in a game that’s not easy to just pick up and play, when the only people available to play are leagues above me.

Maybe I’ll even bring a TV to Zach’s next time and set up guilty gear training. :rofl:

What I like about GG is that there is a certain flow to the game, and the soundtrack is god tier. I actually have a marvel mix with the GG soundtrack. I love metal and guitar solos.

I need to pick a character and stick with him or her. I played dizzy for HELLA, Sol, Zappa (one of my favorties), and later Chippz. Probably why I still suck at the game.

Sooo I’m dropping Slayer since he seems hella boring to play… what kind of characters are Jam/I-No (mmm slutty shredding witch) in terms of strat/gameplay?

May comes to mind, when I think similar to Jam. Counter-hit opportunities (even better), loops for damage…

Dizzy comes to mind for I-no - high low mixups, always rushing down because she lacks defensively…

i like guilty gear.