We Need More Guilty Gear Players in Washington

Following the trend so to speak.

I’ve always really liked GG.

Pretty much every aspect of it. Sound. Sprite Design. Combo System. Game Mechanics. Character stories. Probably has one of the best sound tracks to date.

But it seems when ever we get intrest sparked in Guilty Gear around here, it dies down in a week, maybe less. So I figured why not make a thread about it? Least that will help keep it alive.

Plus, Myself including a few others like, Kenny and probably Ajay have wanted to atleast ATTEMPT to learn some of the advanced basics of the game, maybe even play it competativly.

I mean, I’ve tried in the past, but a lot of the mechanics seemed weird/confusing. Plus the people I know that play, can’t explain stuff worth ashit. coughs Mikey coughs :arazz:

But, I’m sure it didn’t help me bitching about how diffacult the mechanics were when I picked Dizzy and Bridget as my mains (Who are some of the hardest characters to use in the game from what I’ve been told)

Also, the fact I never could comprehend the number system. Like, how numbers = directions you use. I KNOW the concept of how it works, I just never understood the mapping for it. Which is another reason why I haven’t got amazingly into Melty Blood. So any tips on that would be AMAZING.

Any ways. Getting off track.

Post anything that you can think of that could help people learn anything new about the game, character strategies, match videos, tournaments, whatever.

Or post why you like the game…you guys get the idea…we have 3 other threads of this genre.

So. Fire away.

I’m also hoping 9TNine will jump on this too. I’ve heard he’s a huge GG buff and would like to get some insight from him. :lovin:


no one needs guilty gear >.> haha

Good Idea, Stu.

I’d prefer people use the more original (even though I pretty much janked the idea from chanchai) GG thread I made. Especially since I was even going to start listing all the players when I had the chance (and someone other than me posted…)

Plus a lot more people from WA have commented on it. And have talked about getting a group together. I know of more spread out WA players now instead of the standard hardcore group that goes to Bellevue every sat.

Also always check the DL thread on match vids
theres always something to see… of course, you want to go in depth stuff check the char forums or ask around here. Theres already been

that vampire dude is worthless

For some reason this post is just hilarious.


I had the opportunity to play 9TNine last night in GGXX AC and he beat my anus. I dunno what the final score was, but it wasn’t really competitive. It’s just nasty dropping combos with Axl because you don’t really do damage outside of combos with him.