We need more Joose drinkers in Seattle


Get on the grid.


Is Joose just a drink, or is it an experience?


Joose blows big floppy donkey dick.


Definitely an experience. A gutrot experience.

I can’t believe people would mix gin and joose.

sippin on that JOOSE - FEELIN’ FINE


point zero. superhero!

not gonna lie, I love the joose song.


Worst thread I’ve ever seen.


i was gonna say this… but micky already said it! thank you.


I had 3 cans of Joose last sunday. I was actually fine that night and the next morning. I don’t see what all the rage is about though. Been drinking Tilt and Sparks since fucking forever. If you pound out some Hurricane, MAX, or Earthquake then you might be hard.


I actually like hurricanes. They’re hella cheap too.
Fuck a joose though.


Joose sucks

I guess if you are a high school girl you might want to drink it.
It tastes like dirty ass


a fresh kitten, angry at the joose.


Whats with all the Joose hate? Joose is amazing.


That made me think about what my ass might taste like… Monkey Shit?


Probably tastes like cats.


I was about to respond to the last few posts…but…yeah.


bud light. word. sparks is good though.


Elliott! Check your pm’s.


fuck joose, sparks, tilt, hurricane, and bud light.

(Mount Gay, son)


Joose is the finest malt beverage, please believe.com


elliott, check your pm.


mickeys is the finest malt liquor followed by colt 45, old english 800, and 211 steel reserve in that order. joose will get you fuuuuuuuuuucked up though so its tight