We need more Killer Instinct players in Seattle


Just jumping on the thread-creating bandwagon…



looks down on the ground

Go T.J Combo.



What’s up 9TNine, I never really introduced myself but I was the guy that played CvS2 with you at Zach’s and hung out for a little bit when you and Mandel started playing Guilty Gear.


I work on a pier in the water front, and the pier next to my office has that water front arcade. They have a KI2 cab in decent shape that I play every once in a while. I always liked the first game better though.


I got Lawrence over all of you in KI. Bet It!


Ultra Ultra Ultra Ultra Ulra!!!


I cracked up when I saw this.



I support this thread


hehe! Let me see if i can remember to do the shadow ultras …
and their version of “resets” -_-


i think you guys can network play over the roms, u should battle it up.



Are you Serious…



ZNES has online capability if I remember correctly.