We need more KOF XII players in Seattle


Lets get it on.

I haven’t had a chance to get my hands on the game yet but I’ve perused videos and been trying to get it all down. The game looks sick and its about DAMN time to see some new-age hi-res character sprites.

This will be the thread for all of the NW to discuss KoF, and more importantly KOF RE-BIRTH.

Simple discussion topic: Planned Teams?
I’m thinking about going with either of these:

Goro Daimon/Athena/Kyo

Goro Daimon/Leona/Kyo

Either way, Goro will be the first character I attempt to master and Kyo second.
I’m having troubles picking my final character but I don’t want my team to be a sausagefest.


Nobody should play Kyo except for me.



too bad by the time (if we do at all, lol) we’ll really get into this, i’ll be long gone in toronto :expressionless:

i think i’m looking at iori/leona/shen. because i like looking awesome


Oh yeah? Why is that? Please Elliot, I want to hear your in depth thoughts on this subject.

Edit: There is definately a scene here in the NW Stefan, and now that seattle has its very own machine we can join in with portland and start getting some matches going in this game. Nice team btw, hahahah. Console release will most likely be after evo so it might be awhile before KoF XII starts to get a larger scene but that doesn’t stop us from getting our game on NOW.


1st team: Kyo/Raiden/Iori

2nd team: Kensou/Terry/Leona


We lost our machine in Portland :frowning:

I’ll definitely see y’all online on 360 if the netcode isn’t complete dogshit.


I’m running Kyo/Don’t quite know/Andy

I need to figure out 1 more character. I’m leaning toward Raiden/Joe/Iori/Terry tho.


I used him when he was low-tier :bluu:

That being said, I will probably use some combination of Kyo/Kensou/Shen Woo/Benimaru/Duolon


I’ll be in Seattle July 18th and I’ll be at GW with the Seattle KOF crew.


I’ll be down for that. Hopefully I’ll have a team set by then.


I’ll be playing Kyo/Joe/Terry as my main team. I’ll experiment with more characters when I get the game though.

Also, when did Portland Tilt lose the King of Fighters XII cab?

EDIT: Might not get it if the netcode is shitty though.


Not a big fan of the series, but Iori owns.


If I get another system and a TV…

Terry/Ryo/Raiden or Shen Woo




^Toxic Shame.


evan… you do know we’ll all be at evo right???


Billy won’t be.


Arcadia Magazine Tier List
S Rank: Kyo, Iori
A Rank: Terry, Andy, Joe, Shen Woo, Kensui, Ralf, Kim, Ryo
B Rank: Robert, Ash, Chin, Raiden, Daimon
C Rank: Benimaru, Duo-lon, Leona, Athena
D Rank: Clark

Funny that Kyo and Iori are top tier, Mickey and I know how to pick em! I think I’m gonna use Andy/Iori/Kyo. Seems pretty cheap.


Tier whore.


HAHA team 1 cable/doom/commando

i just want 3 terrys or one real buff ratio 4 terry fuck a team