We Need More League of Legends Players

**UPDATE: We have an SRK room in LoL. Click on the rooms interface underneath your buddy list in the game and enter the roomname “SRK”. Once you are in the chatroom, you can click on the room’s settings icon and set it to Autojoin :slight_smile:

We have also added a roster at the bottom of this post!**

I know some people on here are already playing this game :slight_smile:

League of Legends is similar to DOTA (Defense Of The Ancients–a mod to Warcraft 3). It’s on Windows PC, but it will be coming to Mac OS X soon.

It’s like a 5-on-5 (or 3-on-3) RTS game, except you only control one character (but you have various items and skills for that character and you level him/her up during the game). Average 25-70 minute matches. The matches are very intense with a lot of technique, tactics, strategy, and teamwork. There are over 50 characters to choose from in the game and they are designed around various themes like Tanking, DPS, Endgame strength, etc…

It’s easier to understand if you watch someone play the game, or play it yourself. Tricky to explain, but it’s not that complicated in execution.

Those in contact with me recently know that I’ve been obsessed with League of Legends for 3 weeks now and it is a damn good game!

It’s also free to play with no strings attached and they rotate the free characters each week. After you play awhile, you’ll have enough points to unlock characters to your account (or you can buy them with real money if you wish).

Here’s a video review of the game: Game Trailers Review

And you can create an account for the game here.

My username is, as usual, Chanchai.


P.S. Even if you’re already playing Starcraft II, you can always play this game on the side. It’s free so no worries there. If your machine can handle Starcraft II, it can handle this game easily! It’s easier to learn on the side (in theory anyways) since you are focusing on just one character while you play, but it’s still deep, fun, and challenging. Give it a shot!

The game is also featured at WCG this year (and apparently Justin Wong is playing, but I’m guessing that has to do with Ultimate Gamer?).

Game Trailers Preview (does a good job of giving an idea of the gameplay)
Metacritic Page

Northwest SRK on League of Legends Roster
This roster is Opt-In so let me know if you want me to post your UserID here :slight_smile:
LoL User ID (SRK Handle)

  • Chanchai (Chanchai)
  • Hellsap (Hellsap)
  • Incruentum (Shadowless)
  • Jon Talbain (Lord_Raptor)

They need more Mac OS X clients.

I don’t think my computer can play it, anyway, though. :frowning:

Good thing it’s coming out soon. Originally it was supposed to be coming out for OS X around end of summer, so we should see it soon :slight_smile:

Curious about your machine’s specs… I’m playing it on my Thinkpad which isn’t really a gaming machine. But hope to see you on there sometime.

I will be asking the Riot crew about the OS X version this weekend at PAX. At least I plan to.


Was thinking about playing this. I don’t like RTS style games in general though. A 70 minute match of a video game is a little… lot. for me.

EDIT: Man, who the fuck takes my screen name? Bitch I AM MECHANICA. Fool.

Some updates from PAX:

  • I talked to Community Manager Penndragon. He told me that OS X client will go beta within 1 week. The beta will be playing on Live Servers. The performance of that beta determines how soon the “official release” will be. It sounded like the beta will be quite open.

  • There is no set date for the third map, but they’ve been hard at work on it for awhile and so it will hopefully be available soon. No idea what kind of map it will be.

That’s sweet but I still need a new computer. Ask Penndragon when I’m gonna get a new computer.

I’m with Mechanica - those are some long matches. I mean, whatever, if the game is great, then OK, but all else being equal I wish you could commit to playing a game on your lunch break or something. This is like, get out a bottle of wine and light some candles, set aside an evening.

Wow two maps? Holy shit. Again, I’m still super interested in this game, but I’m so disconnected from, like, ‘popular games’ now. MW2 released a map pack with FIVE MAPS and I’m like, are you guys fucking kidding me? I dunno, I guess the last FPS I played, I had to get my maps over modem. :frowning:

Man do we have a thread for OnLive gaming? No because that shit still seems hella wack. It’d be okay if it were hella wack and cheap, but evidently you still have to pay day-one retail prices for that shizzle. What the hell, yo. What the hell. Also, the only possible reason I could think of to justify that purchase was ‘what if I want a console exclusive for a console I don’t own?’ and those fuckers don’t have Valkyria Chronicles so you can get the hell out. Maybe for Trico someday? Yeah right, those assholes are trying to sell me BRAIN CHALLENGE gawwwwd

Oh my GOD every single fucking name is taken

guess i’ll just go with pablothemex

XD <3 grant

My username is Airdash. So far I am impressed! Haven’t played against any humans though. Having my usual character ADD issues.

I would suggest reading these two threads to really get a handle on the game

Playing to be Evil: Its Good to be Bad! [3.0] New and vastly improved! - League of Legends Community
Thou Shalt read this MFing thread. - League of Legends Community

Jon Talbain in the game, though I’m rarely on seeing how the only time I can play is when I’m at a friends place due to this computer being ass.

60-70 mins is incredibly rare… expect 25-30 mins a game.

Yeah I’ve never gone over 40 minutes in a game. And fuck Malthazar, such a shitty champion.

This game’s tight.

I’ll clarify something about the expected matchtime that I wrote in the original post… For some reason, I thought I wrote details that–I guess I did not write.

The full range of match lengths I had in this game is 25 minutes to 70 minutes. Almost all matches were 25-40 minutes. You pretty much end up expecting about 30 minutes for a match. Sometimes the match is really intense and it feels like it was longer (in a good way though, I think it feels the same way in Starcraft because of how intense things get).

HOWEVER, the longest match I’ve had was at 70 minutes and that is super rare. But it’s happened for me. Mainly because the dominant team strayed from their goals a bit (deciding to go running around doing this and that instead of just winning the match right away) and the losing team did not surrender. My guess is that despite how rare these long games happen (let’s say 3 matches in about 70 or 80), that rare tendency is most likely limited to the low levels.

As you move up in your level and you start to play in a field filled with more experienced players, the matchtimes actually shorten to a sweet spot of 20-40. At least it seems like that. Mainly because there comes a point in the game where the writing is pretty much on the wall and the losing team sees it and most agree to surrender.


But once in a very long while, you get a game that stretches further… In my case, I remember about 3 that went to an hour or past it. I forgot to emphasize that almost all matches are actually about 40 minutes. Sorry and my bad for not clarifying why I put a high upper-bound and did not emphasize the expected match time.


I’ve played hundreds of games(probably around 400-500) and I’ve seen matches go over 50 minutes single digit times. 40-50 is pretty rare too, but not nearly as.

There’s lots of Leroy Jenkins’ in random pubs. Always some scrub picking Yi and just trying to rush shit down solo.

I play the game a decent amount, but I haven’t been on recently. Username is the same, but without spaces.

Yi can do extremely well solo but fuck if you don’t know what you’re doing all someone is going to do is feed the opposing team. Also what’s up with all the scrub Fiddlesticks lately? First thing they do when is pop his Ult & teleport right into a crowd which is usually a horrible idea if they’re not debilitated in some way. Nothing beats seeing a Fiddles die in like two seconds when he teleports int he middle of a Annie, Bear Udyr, & Garren alone.

Right now currently really feeling Udyr & Cho’Gath. I know Cho’Gath is a bit lacking but if you get enough momentum & make real nice with the team carry Ashe or Elzarath especially you can be mad effective.

Cho’Gath can be pretty scary and Udyr has been getting good love lately (or so I hear).

Glad to see other SRKers here and in the game. Despite the RTS roots and the teamplay nature, I feel like games such as DoTA, LoL, and HoN definitely have something to offer fighting game enthusiasts.

I’m not that good at the game yet, but I try to squeeze in more time to improve.

Ashe is my main and at least she usually gets complements–but she’s definitely had her bad days–I need to play more characters to understand the spacing better in some solo-mid matchups because I generally do well with the early game laning phase, but I’ve certainly lost it when I failed to understand just how far a character’s gank zone is. But by late-mid and endgame, Ashe is damn vicious and if the game goes on long enough, you can make that 6th item slot into something terrifying for the other team.

Shen is the character I’m trying to learn, but I can’t say I’m good with him. It took me a week to get used to playing a more melee oriented character. Yes he’s a tank, and yes he shouldn’t go down… but sometimes I’m too aggressive and not reading my team well enough. But I have been improving in the mid-game and endgame (except I haven’t found the right set of items that works for me yet) and I’m slowly getting better at map awareness, applying the ult on teammates and sometimes teleporting at key moments. But I have a long way to go… Shen is weird… he is a great tank, I build him as a tank, but despite that, it seems that the best way to approach any fight is either as a save (using the ult) or to setup a really good gank–which is easier said than done but I’m improving on this.

My third character, who I only really played once but seemed to really enjoy and will eventually go back to is Yi. Easy to play, gotta be careful, but damn he tears through weakened enemies like butter.

But ultimately, I really need to at least practice every character possible. I have so many unlocked from buying the collector pack ($20 = 20 characters + exclusive skin + $10 worth of Riot Points) and the extended bundle (20 more character unlocks, I used the $10 card that came with the collector pack and I think it was 10 or 15 extra bucks–so something like 30 or 35 dollars to unlock 40 characters). I even pounced on the Akali sale so I have her in my collection too.

So I should put all those characters to good use and improve my overall play with lots of practice :slight_smile:


So, I’m HELLA stupid and messed up my summoner name lol. So I had to make a new account. Anyways.

Slash5150 (Surprise)

Yep. There’s a lot of … well, spacing and footsies. Knowing how far you can venture from your turret, chasing someone down too hard and getting ganked. Gotta learn to let them run away sometimes 'cause it’s not worth dying. Use that spacing to destroy minions and gain more ground toward their tower.

Shen is awesome. My first character, played him for a little bit. One thing I JUST learned (after stopping playing him) is he can shadow dash THROUGH stuff, like WALLS. Good escape or even a surprise gank.

I finally found my main - ZILEAN! OMG. So fun. Too bad I bought him and then the next day he was a freebie. Lame. Udyr looks awesome, but I can’t afford him yet. I’m trying to not spend real money on this game, lol. Lot a guy I wanna try but they’re in the 4-6k rank. Sucks you get <100ip for a game! Takes forever. I understand the need to make money on a free game though.

My secondaries are Kayle, Nasus and a little Fiddle. Still trying to learn how to effectively use his ult. I get the concept but sometimes I just can’t get into position in time. Doing through walls/from bushes is awesome but yeah you need someone with a stun if it’s not 1v1 cause you only fear one guy. I’d like to try Janna.