We need more Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 players in Seattle?

Just picked this bitch up, I’m willing to roll with a gang of squads real talk.

Post up if you’re tryin to form a game. Oh yeah I’ll be playing on 360 (duh)

o_0 I’m so broke but I NEED this game! Let me know if they did civil war justice. Also, The Sentry is in this game. The Sentry is the most powerful marvel character right now. o_0

fuck im gonna swoop that shit up right now!!!

My mom wanted to buy me something for my birthday so I told her to pick this up for me, might have it this weekend then. So YEAH im down to play with you fools.

I like how you phrased the topic in the form of a question.

Shit’s pretty fun so far…Iron Man’s pretty cheap, but what you know about GAMBIT and MR. FANTASTIC!

So who is getting it? I’m on the fence until we can get at least one more person.

Iron Man is always gonna be badass no matter where he’s represented. I like how you have favourites already hahah. Gambit is pretty cool, and Mr.Fantastic is just a rediculous character but its tight that you like him. I pretty much want to play Captain America, and maybe Juggernaut…of course I don’t even know the full roster yet

I’ll have it by this weekend elliot. If you buy it that makes 3/4 people

I want this game but I’m too poor. I’ll get it some day.

Wait…so it’s like gauntlet legend…but with marvel super heroes?


I never understood the attraction of the first one… I played it for about 5 minutes and decided it wasn’t worth my time.

But if you fools say it’s good, then that’s proof enough for me.

Too bad by the time I get a job the “MUA2 IS AWESOME” wave is going to have passed and noone will be playing anymore…

Hoping to pick this up after payday but I think I might have to wait a couple of weeks.

I have this game now. Where you at Saghrrk.

I would play 4+ characters. :smiley: Gotta see if I even want to drop $ on it.

I got this game today so people lets hit this shit up.

I’ll probably be picking it up on Tuesday or something, just waiting for a textbook refund to go through.

Frank Ghrrk and I played for a couple of hours. The game gets exponentially more raw the more people you have playing.

We still need a fourth.

i got dibbs on eddiebrock venom and green goblin. maybe hulk