We need more Melty Blood players in Seattle

Post here if you’re interested in the game or meeting up.
I’d like to run a tournament for it some day, but that can’t happen if nobody is present to enter.



Lol, I’m down for anything but I fail at MB

chaos fo life…I <3 MB lol
btw if any body wants to get down at mb online hit me up and we’ll trade ISP addys and what not.

sweep> hit> launch

Don’t encourage this thread. For shame.


Mecha-Hisiu on occassions…>_>

I <3 MB:AC. I still need to import a copy.


Kohaku = my crazy wife

The maids period pwn all.

Especially Hisui.

Get at me.

Y is this still a thread even worse exist…

No wonder that game is so broken. They scale a woman’s wrath realistically.

Seriously, Im telling you Akiha would beast anyone. hands down.

Ask the thread maker.

Couldn’t tell ya, My nig!

Sion TATARI (V.Sion before AC) is actually the best character in the game, well, one of the 3 god tiers characters. Red Arcueid is the second and then Akiha Tohno is third. There are tons of honorable mentions that have seen tourney play though.

Oh yeah, White Len is helluh good too.


Akiha > Tatari.

Tatari has Genei-Jin basically. He weird sickle kick is an infinite in the corner.

Akiha has crazy I rape your butthole traps…so they even out.


They are not god tier lulz.
S?Sion, Kouma
A+?HisuKoha, Hisui, Warcueid, Akiha Tohno, AkaAkiha, Arcueid, M.Hisui, Tohno Shiki
A ?Aoko, Ciel, Warakia, Nanaya, Miyako, Satsuki, Kohaku
B+? V.Sion, Nero, Ren
B?White Ren, Neco-Arc

Taken from Mbread~

You’re confusing normal Sion with V.Sion.
Sion in VerA could do 421B indefinitely. V Sion has no 421 move set.
Although that was taken out in VerB and up so it doesn’t really matter anymore.

Pwnage from a distant island :lol:

Melty Blood just doesn’t hold my attention the way Guilty Gear does. Fun way to kill time on the PC, though. Anyone know how I could customize the key mappings in Re-Act? I want to play with a controller rather than with the keys.

Edit: Evo 2k7 Melty Blood Result

Ah. Cool. I didn’t know. I’m still learning MB. So. :sweat:

Any ways, thanks for the corrections and tier list.

Atleast I use decent characters. Lol.

I agree with SNAAAAKE.