We need more MvC2 players in Seattle

That’s right, Mahvel’s back on the current generation of consoles. So who in the area is still playing the game and going to go beast online? Hopefully online will be good enough so we won’t have to worry about lag tactics or anything scrubby like that.

You 360 owners are so lucky to be getting the game two weeks earlier.

I haven’t touched MvC2 in years. I gotta see how many MS points I have and if it’s enough I might download it tomorrow.

I support this.

You can check your account balance and add points here:

me and mandel bouta bring back cable defense aka TEAM SEATTLE cable/doom/commando ahahahahaha

!!! everyone add me

oh man we just played LOL

How is online play? Itsss MARVALLL BABBBY

The netcode is pretty good, the game is surprisingly playable online.

LOL, frankdadank waiting for me to pick before he goes for team scrub!

(blackheart shenanigans… can’t blame him!)

I saw BH and was like fuuuuuuck mag cable tron kinda gets eaten by this team.

When in doubt go WASHINGTON STATE LAW (seattle’s name for team scrub)

Haha, I’m gonna call it that from now on.


Lawclops sounds awesome. Like some kind of mutant lobster. YEAH!

nope the law clearly states:

If you don’t know who to pick against anyone or feel that your team won’t work well against your opponent you pick scrub.

there are no amendments to this. Scrub is WASHINGTON STATE LAW, and there are no cheap slap chop knockoffs.

actually scrubclops being called slap chop…now there’s something you might want to look into.

edit: random! other xbox works great

i played some random EC dudes earlier, it was good times. No big names though.

I have only been playing on a pad, because it is 6 AM and my stick is kind of noisy.

Yeah, fuck that.

I’m gonna play more when I don’t feel compelled to be quiet. Because losing on a pad is not fun.

My curly mustache is kinda stubbly right now. Gotta get off of work before I grow it out.

I bought some Pringles for snacks. It turns out that they don’t really taste good. =P

I want to learn this game so bad : (

Well a transformer blew up at work and they sent us all home. No better reason to dl this game and play it right?

So like, I’ve never played this outside of throwing a few supers and doing sloppy air-combos.

Any suggestions on good higher-tier characters to start out with?

Just play whoever you want for now. Low tier is great way to learn the game.