We need more.... nevermind... NW competitive pokemon battle thread!

So heart gold and soul silver come out tomorrow. Random cuz its a Sunday. Who’s tryna get down and get some battles in maybe side tourneys? I’m hella out of practice so ittlbe fun.

Serebii.net is a good resource site.

Who’s with me?

if i can find a cheap DS i might be

Oh sh** I might need to get down on this

YJDK about my all Shuckle baton pass team

fuck no. i dont do that bull shit. only legit ones. you can save that shit for other people

Once I get a new DS i’m all over this as long as we play by the established rules #.#

species clause
sleep clause
no instant death
no ubers

Which one are you?

I cannot know what it feels like, the nostalgia. Since I’ve never played Pokemon in any of its forms. Yep, I’m THAT old.

i like ev training my pokemon. people want the easy way out. when i buy a game i play it to the fullest. why do you always have to chime in with an opinion on everything? and its always gotta be some joke or you acting like you know everything. and i track my progress with the pokecalulator. when i saw your initial post, you talk about hacked ev’d legendaries. if you played pokemon, youd pretty much know that those pokemon are fuckin cheap as fuck and honestly dont make the game fun, unless you run legendary battles, or want a handicap. and whos saying you have to play? i made the thread to get people who want to take pokemon further than “oh shit i got my team of bulbasaur, pikachu, charizard, aquirtle, pigeotto, and mankey, i got all the types covered.” a lot of people dont even know what ev’s are. im willing HELP people if they ant to know a lil bit more about indepth training, looking for right IV’s, natures, etc. and youre like “hai guyz i got mewtwos lvl 100 and ill rape you along with everyone else on srk.”

fuck you dog, stop postin unless you got something relevant to say. people who posted in this thread were actually interested. im not telling them to go join national tournaments and shit. that why its the NW forums. and honestly why do you care?

Breeding your own Pokemon makes it more interesting, but I’ll be the first to admit that’s why I don’t play much. I usually just play online where i can build a team with a few clicks of the mouse. Also, there is a way to tell if a pokemon is hacked.

EDIT: I will say that if as many as 3 people decide to play, I will commit to building a team once I get a DS. That’d be one more than it took back in Iowa haha.

yeah, i have fun with the whole aspect of the game. yeah with the online version, you can pick your stats and movesets and what not, but i like earning it. breeding something 3 generations for one move, trying to hatch the right nature/gender/IVs. its all fun to me.

matt, help me come up with a standardized rule set. maybe easy to just do battle tower rules. but thats pretty close to the rules you posted earlier. im already for sure playing haha. ghrrks friend mike, aka dusty blastoise, said he wanted to learn more about the game. i think pokemon is the perfect rpg for the kind of people who did shit like master materia sets for everyone with a master enemy skill in ff7 lol.

…Or have beaten Final Fantasy XIII with all 63 missions complete and all 6 jobs at level 5 for all 6 characters, even though the game is pretty disappointing.
I say use Battle Tower rules. We always used those rules when working on the games and it made for the most enjoyable battles, even when we used full teams of 6. Disgustingly overpowered legendaries (wanna fight my Arceus or Darkrai or Choice Scarfed Kyogre?) are out, but not all legendaries are banned. And you can’t use dupe items or Pokmon on your team.
Just don’t start with crap like banning Double Team, one-hit KOs or Pokmon like Garchomp or Latios that may seem really strong, but can be messed up really bad really fast.

Would wobbafet be banned? Hahaha I remember I was on the 87th floor and got my wobbafet sheer colded by a cresselia. It was my last dude too

Sorry that my post upset you. I do believe that EV training is kind of… a glimpse into the yawning, black emptiness that is the soul of competitive Pokemon. But I’m completely sympathetic to the idea that a game that, even if you don’t like ‘top level play,’ can still be fun and interesting when people aren’t too serious about it. And that’s probably what Pokemon is all about, for most people.

In my defense, I think that criticizing EV training as a game mechanic is entirely relevant. Criticizing legendary pokemon, you even seem to agree with yourself.

Is there really? I doubt this, but would be quite interested to hear more if you have any solid information.

EDIT: In conclusion, sorry for sounding like an ass.

My bad dude, that was the 1 hour of lost sleep writing. I can see how its boring, especially if you got like 10 pokemon you want to train up. Bbut for like a local thing its not that serious. I find battling fun like how I find fighting games. Strategy, counters, covering weaknessess, turtling, rush down. It seems like you know the game well enough to have a valid opinion. So again, my bad. After re-reading your post you weren’t trying to come off as an ass.

I think the only way to see if a pokemon is hacked it to calculate IVs lol. Hacked evs to 252 are the same as earning them with xp share or macho brace, but the easy way out. I do it for future reference and I play mmos so I kinda enjoy grinding hahah

im down with pokemon, me and my gf picked up the gold & silver remakes today. I have a EV trained team on platinum

When you use a Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution on the Wii it will tell you if it is hacked.

EDIT: Wobbafett has to be banned, he is the best pokemon in the game. By quite a bit.

haha shit, josh. after that one night at TW that you told me about EVs and all that crap, i’ve been wanting to actually try it out. of course, i won’t be as on top of my ‘game’ in pokemon as i’ll try to be in sf4, but still! i’m down!

sidebar: can HG/SS battle D/P? or does it not work like that…?

Im pretty sure they can battle because they are from the same “generation” of games. Like Ruby/ Saphire is with Fire red/leaf green.

I’m sure that most of the people in our SF scene would enjoy Pokemon once they got a taste of competitive battling and all that goes with it.

There are so many different team setups, obviously entirely customizable in the scope of the game. Pokemon is kind of like a PVP based MMO. There are linear teams based around hail mary strategies like belly drum charizard, linear but extremely synergistic setups like raindance teams or hail storm stall teams. There are non linear good stuff teams filled with just the strongest, or sort of tool box teams(which I generally play) which are based on giving you more opportunities to outplay your opponents. Games awesome, one of the first big revelations is that switching is actually an amazing tool in pokemon. I remember i hated switching as a kid cus it was like a waste of a turn since you got no attack, but really its an amazing option when you think of counter creatures and predicting your opponents moves. The second revelation is that hyper beam is a garbage attack while roar(and taunt) are hella good.

These are the standard rules i’ve always played with:

No Ubers
First and foremost, Standard rules deny the usage of Uber Pokemon. These Pokemon overcentralize the standard gameplay and have been deemed too powerful.

  • Arceus
  • Darkrai
  • Deoxys (all forms)
  • Dialga
  • Garchomp
  • Giratina (Both forms)
  • Groudon
  • Ho-oh
  • Kyogre
  • Latias (with Soul Dew)
  • Latios
  • Lugia
  • Manaphy
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Palkia
  • Rayquaza
  • Shaymin (Sky Form only)
  • Wobbuffet
  • Wynaut

Evasion Clause
Moves that boost evasion, such as Double Team and Minimize are not allowed. Abilities that boost evasion such as Snow Cloak and Sand Veil are still allowed. The item Bright Powder is also still allowed. The reasoning behind this is simple. If moves like these were allowed, the gameplay would be overcome with poor accuracy and would essentially turn into a game based solely on luck.

OHKO Clause
Moves that cause a one-hit KO such as Sheer Cold and Fissure are not allowed. Similar to the Evasion Clause, luck should not win a battle but rather strategy.

Sleep Clause
The players may not put more than one Pokemon on the opponent’s side to Sleep. The move Rest is not affected by this Clause. If it were not for this clause, Pokemon like Breloom, Butterfree and Darkrai would run rampant putting everything they see to sleep, preventing the player from essentially doing anything.

Species Clause
No two Pokemon of the same species may be used on the same team. For example, two Gardevoirs would violate this clause but a Gardevoir and a Gallade does not. This is because teams are suited for countering specific Pokemon only once. A team of Zapdoses would essentially require everyone to have a Blissey. It would destroy the balance of the metagame, and just imagine a team of 6 Arceus.

Serebii.com is a great resource site as Josh posted, but also www.smogon.com which is more the community site along with archiving a lot of the best configurations an such.

I’m out.

Battle Tower rules are by far the most balanced rule set we’ve ever used in these games. Some of the above rules are complete bs, because by their reasoning you should also not use any moves that don’t have 100 accuracy so as not to let randomness dictate the battle.
And honestly, if you don’t know how to deal with a Wobbuffet, or someone Double Teaming, you need to go back to the drawing board on your strategy.
Plus, how is Shaymin fine, but the Sky Forme that now has it’s main weakness doubled and reverts back to normal if it is frozen, overpowering?

I’d be down to build a team but I don’t know the first thing about being uber at Pokemon. I guess I’ll have to do some reading…

Is the newest version always the “official” competitive one?