We need more queens that play fighting games in Seattle


:confused: no… homo?

my brother plays marvel and cvs2.


You should come up with mandel to my house.

This thread confuses me.

Thread maker needs to be hit by BUS

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Sounds like something I would say.

come on now jetay, not everyone in team seattle is a resident of str8 city.

Anyway mechanica a few years back there were a few gay gamers in the scene. But they don’t really play anymore, so yeah.

I think this just stems from the fact that fighting games don’t have that large a scene.

:rofl: gold.

Yeah, I’m just jumpin’ on the bandwagon. Ya know.


(Oh, you know I’m juuuus’ playin’)

S’all good, that wagon’s kosher too. :razz:

Yo man, you post quite a bit but why 'aven’t you been out to play? FauxSerious. My place is always gameXon, btw.

Are you really THAT deep in Everett? I used to live out there but I guess I was off of 99, so getting dwntwn was only a 1 1/2 bus ride away.

I’m not really deep in Everett, I’m also just a bit off Rucker which turns into 99. I just lost my car though, that’s been the biggest problem. I’m not afraid of the bus, I can get anywhere via bus, I just can’t get back. Haven’t bothered to poke around and see if people want to give me rides home or some shit. Or even to a bus station that heads north would be cool, I guess. I’ve never had to get to and fro a place via bus that wasn’t right along I-5 (evt/lynnwood/seattle/etc) and the get-togethers at Zach’s are in fuggin’ Kirkland. I don’t know shit about Kirkland except how to get there when I had a damn car. :sad:

As for your place/get togethers, I don’t know where you live or when they are, basically.


The gay one?


yup. that line is like a staple in team seattle history.

A little on topic and a little off topic, my brother was in seattle and was playing against a bunch of ppl at gameworks one night, someone was playing rogue tron and someone else i can’t remember. Anyway he ended up getting a few small winning streaks and left it at that. The next week he went to neighbors or our place or something like that and saw a few of those guys there. So i guess there really are a few more queens that play fighting games than i thought.

lol, Neighbors. One time I was hanging out in Seattle around Neighbors and some hella drunk gay dude was like “OMG YOU’RE SO CUTE!! Aww, you’re straight aren’t you?” and I was like “:confused: …yeah.” but then I made the mistake of letting him touch my ass… then he just straight up kissed me on the lips. It was pretty funny, actually. I just think he’s lucky that he didn’t do it to a real straight guy, he’d probably get knocked the fuck out. :lol: Lucky dude was either too drunk to care or had some killer gaydar.

Anyway, where’s the lowdown on 000000’s place/get-togethers and shit?

I should start a thread, me thinks. Last night was DVASZ, Aaron, and I played KOF11. Mad fun, even though, I think they play like chumps. ;D

Anyway, Mecha-nigga, you can jump on the 358 and get off on the second stop past the Aurora Bridge. It should be an overpass. take the steps down and go through the tunnel. Walk downhill… take a left onto Dexter. Should be a “Lyon’s deli” across the street. My place is about 7houses up, on that side of the street. 2132 Dexter Ave. There’s a stupid, fucking, white van, broken down in the drive way. 206-941-1834 is me numbah. Everyone should 'ave it if they don’t.

Couch folds out to a bed. Everyone’s welcome until we deem them not.

Cool. Well um, shit, let me know when the next one is or somesing. Or start a thread.


Yes, start a thread. I would’ve been down for last weekend.

I know who dvasz is, but is aaron the guy that plays dudley at gw some times? You guys used to always show up at the same time or something.