We need more REAL MEN in fighting games


Yo, straight up. How come Capcom and Namco are the only companies that can create cool and interesting fighter character designs? Look at Ryu and Bryan Fury. Classic. Iconic. REAL MEN. Now look at the new character from that new game by the creators of Melty Blood.

He looks fruity as shit. Long magenta hair? Feathers on a leather vest, red leather pants? Fights like Iori/Freeman(ie, he slashes at you)? Look how thin he is, he’s not even half as buff as Ryu or Bryan Fury, how can he fight?

How the fuck do people find designs like that appealing? Fighting games are supposed to have REAL MEN, not sissy shit. French Bread needs to just give the fuck up and let Capcom and Namco make fighters. SNK too, fuck Iori and fuck Freeman, wtf kind of dude fights with his damn nails? K’ is gay too, skinny ass mafucca


What are you, some sissy weeaboo afraid to play with REAL MEN? yeah you’d rather play with lolis and dudes that look bitchmade.


Not a stupid thread. This shit is a fucking epidemic. Vega is the wussiest male Street Fighter ever and even he’s buff as FUCK. He looks like he could bench like 250. How the FUCK is that CARMINE loser supposed to be a FIGHTER?

Call the police, I don’t even give a fuck.


Wish we had some cool looking chars in recent fighters.

Order-Sol always looks like a beast.