We need more SFIV players in Oregon

Tell your friends!

we just had 13 people at the psu weekly night. mostly people who were new to the game but it was still good practice for sat.

man i still havent gone to that psu night >.< damn procrastinating…

At least you guys live in Portland where there is a small scene. Living in the middle Street Fighter of nowhere sucks.

I have the game. Feel free to add me. Ill try and get on aim when Im online playing. My connection seems best when im hosting. I had trouble joining a game samb invited me too. This game really needs multi-person lobbies or at least setting the number of games you want to play.

Now for online SFIV lawlz.

I was playing against some ryu who was flying all around and doing a lot of jump hk, sweep stuff. I was playing Abel not really trying to anti-air him just landing combos and what not, though that wasn't going to well haha. So we are in the corner he is point blank in front of me as I get up, he has about half life I have maybe 10% he goes to chip me to death with Ryu ultra and during the super freeze I buffer Abel's Ultra... and bam he shoots off his super fireball and the camera immediately shifts to Abel who goes Rawwrrrghhhhhh, flys through the super fireball, punches ryu in the gut, does his thing and then ryu loses all his life. bwahhaha it was one of the cooler punish through things Ive ever done.

Just say no to Ken.


Add me, I haven’t been playing online much lately since I have been at psu and people’s houses but I will start soon.
Also I hope that just say no to ken was not directed towards me.

The 75% of people online who use Ken (actually dying out a bit, esp. as you rank up as search by same or more skilled. Now its Ryu).

Yeah sooo much ken.

What’s wrong with Ken? I love playing him

In general nothing. I just get tired of seeing people do jump backwards, jump fowards rh, cr.rh.

or Hurricane kick, shoryuken. or other scrubby things like that.

Myself and about 2-4 others are probably gonna head out to PSU soon (hopefully next Wednesday) to meet people and to try to get involved with the competitive community. We all pretty much live in the Beaverton area (aside from one in Vancouver) So if anyone is interested in playing around those areas hit me up :lovin:

PDX sucks.

Real talk.



I’m loving the new SF IV and any PDX players that want to add me can.
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