We need more SFV players!




Soon. At least Deadpool comes out this weekend to help the time go by.


One week boys and girls. Hopefully game lobbies are part of the standard content, I don’t see how they couldn’t be, but part of me is worried it may be one of the “added soon after launch!” game modes =/


Looks like 8-man lobbies will be added next month with the Alex patch, so thats kind of a bummer to have to wait. Just gotta remember that we’re still getting the game early/ahead of the original scheduled release date. This is probably due to the nature that they’re going to be adding to the game every month, so some things are just coming a little later.




GGs at gameworks last night




gameworks has what games?


Hey guys I just got SFV and an arcade stick yesterday. I haven’t played SF or any fighting games since PS1 but one day in and I’m loving it again, the stick makes all the difference.

If your looking to beat up on a newb find me on psn, same handle.


Every tuesday we bring a ton of setups and play SFV, guilty gear, and tons of other games show up too (melee, sm4sh, KI, blazblue, USF4 [less so since SFV release], etc).


I see. What’s the entry fee?


ESPN2 @ Whole Foods pizza pit @ 7:00 PM. Wonder what people will say!!!


casuals are free and always present. Tourneys are usually 5 or 10 bucks. (Usually 10 I think.)


Still Tuesdays? What about Fridays…


Who’s going to the Seattle Battlegrounds in 2 weeks? I heard it’s only $20 to enter the tournament. I’ve never played SF5. Is it like SF2?


Umm, sort of. It’s more like SF2 than SF4 was. It’s kinda like a cross between Alpha, SF4, SF2.


I see…



You’re not the same person as Brentiscool?


Shout-outs to Warzard Akuma? :confused: