We Need More Skullgirls Players in Seattle!


So it has dawned on me that people are interested in Skullgirls as we hav ebeen seeing new entrants for this game. Here’s the thread, post up.

Chars: Painwheel/Filia/Double

I just picked up Double for buttslam assist when filia comes in. I need that lockdown :slight_smile:



this game is raw, and costs less than all the sfxt DLC! support support support.

sam you should link up the sg danisen dates when they’re known…yee


I’m not Seattle but I play. Psn parasoul/double as well


I actually downloaded the game thanks to you~

I’ve been using Cerebella. Not sure what I’m doing honestly, lol.


Sam No wanting larger pots :stuck_out_tongue:

Ms. Fortune / Double

Want to pick up Bella and run 3 chars. Also want to drop Double at some point, but dash + Ms. Fortune’s s.MK assist is fun.

Happy we’ve have enough people to run it weekly up at GameClucks. We also went down to Gamebreakerz at the end of last month and it was run there, too. Here be grand finals (still gotta encode last week’s at GC)

Oh yeah, we gotta get Colin out to events. His Peacock is legit.


I might be able to start going to the Gameclucks tournaments in a month or two. My family’s shop is moving location and that requires late nights and early mornings of work, and that pretty much makes going to any event impossible, let alone something all the way in Lynnwood lol.


Skullgirls tournament happening in a few hours. Will be streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/logichole around 7pm to 7:30pm (tournament standard time). I know that Sam No, Shaka, Colin Luv, Dyselon, and myself will be in attendance. Really looking forward to it since this will be the first time we’re all together.

Dustloop: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?14298-Pacific-Northwest-Monthly-Fighting-Game-Tournament-June-29th-in-Auburn-WA-3-Venue-Skullgirls-Blazblue-Melty-Blood-King-of-Fighters
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/325934754149263/


So the tournament last month was a lot of fun! The five of us made it and LogicHole streamed it, too (archive here). Sam is still a beast.

Speaking of beasts, Trace took 8th at Evo! Ended up beating MegamanDS, Dacidbro, and Chris G all in a row to make top 8.

I spent over an hour with the patched version at Evo and I really enjoyed it. Training mode is easily one of the best I’ve ever seen. The speed adjustment is also noticeabe and very nice.

Another monthly is planned for the last Friday of the month, July 27. Once again, it’ll be at Gamebreakerz in Auburn, WA. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/334789436605425/

It’s been a while since our last SG tournament at GameClucks, but if there’s interest, it can always be run Thursdays at GC or Dante’s or at our Saturday tournaments (which might work better for people?).

Finally, I created a PNW Matchmaking doc so we can share gamertags. I know a lot of people play online and have been asking me who else is doing so. This seems like the easiest way of keeping track.


Deniz is getting better, looks like we gotta play more SKULLGIRLS


Somewhat hyped about the upcoming characters & PC version!
SkullGirls is the best game that I’m too lazy to learn.

I need to have, like, a tutorial for "Be the best player you can be (in 15 minutes)."
I don’t want to spend hours in the training room learning combos before I jump in to get some fundamentals down. Should I be playing Peacock or something? I just wanna up-back. ;_;


Not sure if people are still into the game after MDE/Encore, but if anyone’s on the eastside (or around Renton/Tukwila on my work days) I’m always down to play.

Currently running Team Negus.