We Need More Soul Calibur Players in Seattle!

Are there anymore out there? We have a good dozen and a half regulars that comes to our weeklies at Game Clucks and the sessions at my house. Anyone interested please post here or check out our Soul Calibur thread at http://8wayrun.com/threads/seattle-wa-ragin-in-the-rain.5633/ . We take on all comers regardless of skill level and everyone is more than happy to teach what we can. Come on Seattle! Evo is just around the corner and I want a good showing against those damn Cali people!

I believe there’s a NW Tekken group on Facebook. That’s where everyone is posting these days. On FB. It’s worth it, imo since I found people that are playing KOF XIII because of it. Might as well make a dummy account just to meet up with people.

Facebook > Most of the NW. Oregon still post here and they are tight for it.

Yeah what this fucker said, your best bet nowadays is the atrocity known as facebook.