We Need More SSF4 Players in Portland



nice thread


Bad idea.

Maybe I just say that because I’m starting to fucking hate this meme, though. “We need more ___ players in ____” is getting really redundant.

I like it. It’s our “thing.”

you’re getting really redundant

Your cat is really redundant. Do you still have cats?

exactly as Brent said, it’s our thing…so when SSFIV comes out be ready for a

We need more SSFIV players in Seattle thread (since this is PDX’s) =D

This is like those idiots who type “FIRST” on shit. Game’s not even out yet, so you don’t need more SSF4 players in Portland, you need SSF4 to come out and for Portland to get it. Great job though, when SSF4 eventually does come out, you will be able to say you made the first Portland thread! Woo! :tup:

Nope. My roomie has one though.

So still not allergy friendly, huh? Coming down with paul was pretty funny because of that sometimes. For some reason, I think airborne allergens are kinda funny in general. Like… things you can’t even see in the air making you have such violent reactions as sneezes. Food allergies seem just plain nasty, though.

Did portland even get SFIV in the arcade at any point? Or is it all console down there? All I really ever heard about arcade wise in PDX was tekken and 3s after tacoma got it.

What if SSF4 turns out to be the next Duke Nukem Forever (Never gets released)?

We had KOF12 once. We still have Tekken 6, so far…

Where did you go, KOF12?

I know the Seattle cats arent mad about Panda taking the

" we need more THIS in this LOCATION "

I mean really?

Granted this was a bit early on Panda’s part " shame on you " But there really shouldnt be any “need more” in specific location thread if we ever wanna talk about getting the NW strong.


I’m down. :smiley:

[media=youtube]pHd6G-YG090&feature=fvw[/media] i’ll play if this shit doesn’t still happen.


Or this shit [media=youtube]VlOfVWO0E-g[/media]

Thats the “fix” their gonna do for Sagat. :wow:

Most of those had regular ol’ dragon punch motions in them… :xeye: (Or am I reading it backwards?)