We Need More SSFIV Cabs in Seattle

If by chance they decide for an arcade release, let’s be on top of it. Doesn’t hurt.


Probably should talk to Ono and convince him to actually make a SSFIV cab first, Dugggggg.

Because the original cab was ever officially released in the US anyways, Elliottttt?

I agree with the thread title. I will be sending my comment over to GW corporate. I really really really hope Narrows gets it hahah.

I’ll do the same and have a few friends do it as well.

I don’t understand this thread, didn’t Ono say there would be no arcade ssf4?

Just copipe what Duggish posted and send Gameworks Corporate that same exact message.

Well Ono wants a arcade release, but capcom doesn’t and they also confired in Famitsu that SSFIV will be console only. It’s kinda sad that SSFIV is getting the Soul Calibur treatment.

Stop being pessimistic little bitches.

I’m sick as a dog so I’m gonna be blunt.

If you jackasses don’t stop bitching and moaning about EVERYTHING nothing will ever get done. Yeah sure, Capcom doesn’t want an arcade release? Wanna know why a large corporation doesn’t WANT SOMETHING? Because it doesn’t make enough money. The only way anyone can show them that there’s a market for an SSFIV cab is by standing up and shouting “HEY! (SEATTLE/NEW YORK/LA/SAN DIEGO/PORTLAND/CHICAGO/DALLAS/ETC) WANTS TO PLAY IN THE ARCADES AGAIN”.

So whether or not you think it’s gonna happen shouldn’t affect what you do. If you want to see arcades die then sit back and bitch in the back corner of Gameworks while you wait your turn to play. If you want to see anything happen, do what Duggish says, it’s not much right now, but it’s better than nothing and it’s more than you little girls will ever do.

I’m for this and did for the most part the same message (I don’t want it to look like Dugg is just doing the same message x number of times)

Seth already said it’s the same hardware they would just have to update the software and cab aesthetics which wouldn’t be hard.

arcades are already dead in the US and no one game can bring it back to the way it was in the late 90s, early 00s. hell now that i think about it, the US will eventually lead to the death of street fighter in arcades in japan too and this is just the begining. i think capcom figured that it can make a killing off the NA market doing only a console release so why bother with the arcade investment. who is to blame though, capcom or fans who beg for an arcade release but still sit at home playing online and visit the arcade once every six months?


we’re lucky we got what we do. Hawaii is littered with odd Korean machines, and Brians get one with taper-sticks
and yah, i got GROSS in da aina

Now that the arcade version has been announced, I felt this thread was more than worthy of a bump. Post up people!

I frequent Gameworks and play SF4 a lot there. When Super comes out, and if Gameworks doesn’t get a Super machine, then I’m out.

An immense amount of foresight went into Dugg’s post. Please, teach me your ways :china:

It wouldn’t need a new cab. they can swap out the “game” and labels. s-kill said that a while ago.

I was like this when I heard this news:


but best believe I going to be like this at the machine: http://i47.tinypic.com/2laa790.gif

Tricky ass Japan, I bet they planned this for awhile…

GW better get it…SF4 does seem some of their more profitable shit not just cause someones always playing it, but because multiple people are going to be buying hella drinks waiting to play it.:bgrin:

I also expect a new KoF 12 machine for more drink room…

Dugg: ha.

Any word on whether the arcade version of Super will be just a software update on the vanilla SF4 software? I recall S-Kill saying that something along those lines would be possible, and less costly for the arcades to get a hold of.

Yes, it’s possible.