We Need More SSFIV Players in Seattle


According to Game Stop’s Website: Pre-order Ships 4/27/2010


C. Viper
Dee Jay
E. Honda
El Fuerte
Fei Long
M. Bison
T. Hawk

***** = Information on them being in SSFIV has still yet to be confirmed by Capcom (At least Officially: ex. Ibuki’s Shuriken).

That’s the cast we’re going to have! Including not just more characters, New Ultras all around, the new “wall-bounce” system Seth Killian mentioned. Can’t forget the online match-making and Team battle systems they are incorporating!


Disclaimer: If I wasn’t supposed to do this, just delete it… :pray:


OMG can I RSF someone on the wall as an Anti-air? hit run stop BOUNCE hit run stop BOUNCE hit run stop BOUNCE


No Marth?


I do not really want a wall bounce style gameplay addition, unless it’s meant to cut down on random weird juggling. Didn’t mortal kombat have something like that?


Mortal Kombat had a lot of weird things.


I Highly doubt they’d put in infinites, they’d more than likely keep the system to allow more characters to have corner combos that don’t already. I don’t see them allowing characters like mine (SE) to be able to abuse this system.

I’m sure they are keeping it in mind when developing it.


I don’t want to pre-order to ship, I want to pre-order, then go pick it up day it comes out. Not gonna wait extra days, nor will pay extra for day-of shipping. Pleasebelieve.net


A lot of stores will have an offer at some point for free overnight shipping or something. That’s usually what I’ll do, otherwise I just get it at BestBuy the day it comes out because they always have plenty.


The web-site was just meant to display some truth. I went into the Game Stop in Everett and asked if they were doing the pre-orders in the near future, he said “I think we’re taking them now.”

In-person, online, your choice my friend!


It looks to me like the wall-bounce system is similar to 3s. Smack them with a move that sends them to the wall, then they bounce back to you and do a flashy combo/ultra.

My hypothesis: Dhalsim’s 2nd ultra will be his Yoga Jump and will possibly be able to be combo’d into if he is given a wall-bounce move. That’d be sweeeeeeet.


Well not infinites, but it would be something that I would like to see used only in very specific situations. I don’t want my character to bounce around all day and then get juggled to death.

I’m just needing to know what Blanka’s extra ultra is!


Yoga Legend in EX Plus A FTW


People trippin on the wall bounce just need to play 3s. There will be a few moves that send you flying to the wall, then you bounce back for one juggle hit. It won’t be some tekken wall bullshit, there won’t be wall juggles or infinites, it’s just a way to put them in juggle state without them being too far to get another hit. And some style points.


I’m betting not every character has a bounce move. Unless that’s a new game mechanic that they’re adding. Atleast the damage scaling is gross enough that long add comviq into wall bounce won’t do that much


Really I don’t see more than ~5-6 characters having wall bounce moves. 3s had Ryu, Q… Was there even anyone else? Ryu isn’t gonna get joudan kick and Q isn’t gonna be in the game.


Hugo also had it!


Oh yeah! Ahahaha he just chucks you at the wall. I wonder if Hakan will get something like that.


Hakan looks like he might be the Arabic version of Cyborg from Teen Titans.


Seeing as how word on the street is that he is buff already, I can see him having it…kinda not tight it’ll be Seth in SFIV all over again except at just close range for Ultra, and not full screen, can’t jump in and have to deal with limbs/yoga fire to get in =[

If that’s the case, the Seth is out, Sim is in lol.


April is so far away :frowning: