We need more ST players in Seattle

It was cool as hell when the portland people showed up and played in the ST tourney at Zach’s before this weekend’s gathering. (Unfortunately the ST tourney when the portland people were here started at like 3am so I fucking scrubbed out due to tiredness) But barely anyone entered in this one and the competition level wasn’t that great.

Me and Nate (XTG) play ST pretty seriously at least once or twice a week, and I will have an HDTV and RGB monitors at my new apartment pretty soon, so anyone in the Seattle area that wants to play ST competitively can definitely meet up with us. I know Mandel wants to play but he’s pretty hard to get a hold of.

This game is fucking tight, let’s get some sort of scene started for it. Me and Nate also play Fatal Fury Special (VERY.FUCKING.UNDERRATED GAME) at a pretty high level too, we play a lot of different games, let’s get something regular going other than marvel…

Anyone that wants to meet up PM me or XTG, post in the thread, or even call me (206) 856-164(zero) cus I don’t have internet access right now. Holla. :karate:

Yup, more people should play ST. When the matches get uploaded, be sure to download my match against Kenny. Pure Hall of Fame material trust me. I wasn’t playing very good and it shows, but props/maximum bops to my man Sanford Kenny. If it doesn’t make you wanna play ST, then somethin’s wrong with you muthafucka. I AM THE LIGHT! And you…muthafucka you just BLIND!

Anyway I’ll begin to take this game more seriously in due time. Right now I’m taking a break from fighting games (Marvel too) as I seriously need one. That last Zach gathering for both games were pretty disappointing to me for many reasons.

I want those XTG gief vids. His shit is serious. T. Hawk held it down for Mexico as well.

Si se puede!!!

Where in Seattle exactly?

me = Bellevue, him = Renton

I hate ST. Will help an anyway though…

Exception, no red Chun-Li!

I love ST.

I would rather play it over any other fighting game, I just never get a chance to. :sad:

I really need to make it out to Zach’s one of these times. If ST really starts as late as I’ve been hearing, I could probably make it there.

If we get Marvel underway at 9PM and if people wait on-deck as directed, ST should start sometime between midnight and 1AM and last an hour and half at most.

I’ll play ST!

Tight, you should make it next tourney. But beyond just that you should kick it either at me or Nate’s place for some casuals too. I’m going to evo this year so I need to practice against as many characters/playstyles as possible.

Can you play ST in Renton sunday?

I could learn from ST beatdown, and we had already once planned for me to come hang out for casuals and whatnot - as long as there’s a little variety from ST (ST challenges my attention span) I’m down… What consoles you got?

Damnit bitch, AIM me about you getting to Preppy’s and I’d show and get beasted. hehe
When GGAC hits, I know I’ll have transportation up there like every weekend, we should kick it sometime.

Or T-Hawk…

But I Like ST… I Dont see what the problem… yea it broken, but what game ain’t broken?


I just think that me learning a new game right now would be very overwhelming on my marvel play. lol! i trying to get it up there. I would probably replace 3S with ST.

Don’t know i’ll have to think about it…

Man I like to think 3S is more broken than ST. But that’s just me. 3S is sinking lower and lower on my list, almost next to CvS2. Besides ST is easy to play (also fun), unless you’ve never played SF before you already know what you’re supposed to do with each character. Then it becomes learning matchups and what buttons to press and when.

EDIT-Red Chun Li and Blue/Orange Ryu will be back in action. Don’t even worry about it.

(Back to Dimension X)

What I loved about ST was that there was balance. Everyone had a couple of useful things that they could do, as well as a few good match-ups. Every character also had at least one bad match-up. Through circularity, that game was perhaps more balanced than any other fighting game ever (Guilty Gear has been attempting to match it with every successive update).

I also love how the game is offense oriented. The only character that might be able to sit more than half a screen away and throw fireballs was probably old Sagat. Games are also short, so I don’t get bored either as a player or spectator.

I’m surprised that I have yet to see a brutal Dhalsim at our tournaments yet. Does no one play him here in ST?

I wanna learn Dhalsim.

everytime i play ST at Zach’s…People quit as soon as I pick Chun Li…

Because it’s Chun-Li…

Vega’s a lot worse than Chun Li.

Why would people be scared of Chun-Li in ST? Personally, I do horrible against a good Dhalsim or Vega, their pressure game is just too good. As for the future of ST, I definitely think it’s making a big comeback with everyone excited about the HD versions on SRK and random people playing HF on XBLA. I’m playing it a lot more just because Zach has the cab there (and the tournaments) and with more characters than I played back in the day. ST revival baby!!