We need more Super Dodgeball players in Seattle!

What the FUCK do you all know about some Randy son?

This game is fucking tight

DS version is coming out soon, and I sure am PUMPED

I love this game. I was just talking with Mandel about this last night.

That game makes me laugh out loud. I loved trying to knock a guy down and kill him before he got back up.

I hope all you guys with DSes have flashcarts, because it looks like it’s only coming out in Japan

but 8 player multiplayer?! INCREDIBLE

Snap. Super Dodgeball team tourneys son! And WTF @ ArcSys developing the DS version. Can’t wait to sidewinder a dodgeball into my opponents. Hope Korean ver. has crazy music and voices.

DS is region-free.


I suppose I assumed no one would bother importing, but that was probably a dumb assumption.

I’m spoiled by piracy :frowning: