We Need More Tekken 6 Players in Seattle

Tekken 6

Single T6:BR cabinet is located at GameWorks Seattle, 7th and Pine.
4 credits ($1) per play. 3/5 rounds.

:Additional Resources:


Tekken 101
Rip’s Throw Break Trainer
Tekken Terminology

If you hit up TZ, be sure to visit the NW Match Finder Forum and say hello.

jin is actually pretty fucking tight in this game. matt i’ll call you on monday or tuesday and maybe we can get some games in like the old days

Similarly, I am always looking to play. Will be watching thread if anyone wants to play, I play Lee Anna and Wang mainly, looking to learn some bruce.

I think that Zig and I will be @ Gameworks on tues 08/04. Id guess 7pm till close…

@Mister K how long have you been playing Tekken?

@Tepid hey man PM me your cell # please =)

Technicaly pretty long, my 1st fighting game tournament ever was a tekken 1 tournament @Zones; prize was a boombox lol. But yeah been on hiatus in favor of sf4 for awhile. Pretty much as of yesterday graduated from playing this game exactly like T5: DR into playing it like T5 with bounce juggles and integrating f+ 4, 3 with lee.

Edit: anyone going to be at GW tonight?

I was playing a money match in t6 for $45 last night in my dream. I forget who I was playing, I think it was paul lee lol but he quit after I had 3 1/2 wins (to his zero) because he realized pablo wasn’t paying his half. I was mad. :frowning:

Cheap ass mexicans. ;p

Ngan (Nina), John (Lily, Baek), Manney (Lei, Bruce) will be @ gw tonight.

If you see them go ahead and introduce urself mang!

I was up their yesterday playing Jack-6 for a while. I had to leave early though. Game is pretty fun so far.

Gonna head down there tonight after work for a few hours. 6pmish. I want to f with Jin a lil bit I think. Maybe Kaz. But Kaz is always the same anyway so…meh.

Hope to see a fewe of you there.

i10 1,1,2 knockdown
i10 2,2 (DMG)
i11 b+1,2 knockdown/wall splat
i13 EWGF launch

i11 WS+4,4
i13 WS+1,2 launch

… perhaps the game’s single best punish character, overall.

I hate that. :frowning:

Hey man, would you mind explaining these combo’s…I’m really new to Tekken and don’t understand the annotation…and I KNOW I could read a long ass FAQ about it, but would you mind just taking a small bit of time to explain them real quick for me…I’m looking to possibly main Kaz, but don’t know his moveset so it pushes me away from even TRYING him out…

what is: i10 or i11 etc? What does WS mean? I’m guessing it’s “while standing?” How bout DMG? Or was this just to express it does a lot of damage?

the numbers at the beginning are the startup frames I believe. IE: EWGF is a 13 frame punisher that gives you a launch.

WS does indeed mean while standing, and annotates the state you are in after pressing down and before you come to a full stand.

Im thinking DMG just means hella damage, especially if its a 10 frame punisher and does decent damage.

HeavyD is right. i10 means instant 10 frames, it will punish anything -10 or more. WS means while rising, but it makes better sense if u think of it as “while rising”. crouch -> standing. it will take alot of dedication to play the mishimas (kaz, d.jin) since theyre technical characters. hei and jin are a bit easier… btw, post on TZ!


you should call a nigga up james if youre gonna be in town! i wouldda came through.

Mickey…play Kazuya…trust me…to me a good Kazuya player needs:


Good Execution

and is able to see and punish accordingly…

sounds like all your strengths nigga. Plus doing electrics with Kazuya is more manly than doing them with Heihachi…and he kinda edges out Jin cause when you get hit by an electric from Jin it looks really violent.

Anyone hitting up GW tonight? Prolly going

I will be at Gameworks tonight!

@Mickey show up so I can explain some Tekken shit with you mang.