We need more Tekken players in the Northwest Coast

Tekken is tight! After all these years, I finally learned how to do Marduk’s glorious VTS cancel. I think people still play Tekken so let us discuss.

If Gameworks got T5:DR then we’d all play out more. Right now, I"m jus’ PSP’in it with the occasional PS3 action.



i suck at T5: DR, my dragunov is a joke, my devil jin, even more of a joke.


I really don’t like tekken much…I like bryan.

Doesn’t everyone and their grandma play tekken?

I feel like there are a ton of people out there that ‘think’ they play Tekken. I have friends that claim to be able to play, but then when I battle them they just get slaughtered.

lose to me in Tekken = you suck.

Tekken 5 NW Scene


I’ve been playing a LOT more Tekken on the PSP, so I’ve gotten everything down except quick sidesteps, which are sooooo much easier on a stick.

Asuka/Eddie/Steve in no particular order are my mains.

see the plan a party thread

and ss are hella easier on pad, wtf you smoking

On the nub? The two are very different…

I like Tekken, I’d play it with you Pabz. Only character I actually know (and not that well, I don’t own the game) is Asuka, though. (Jun represent!) I’d like to expand that, though… I just need to learn the juggles. I should rent/buy it used or somesing.

Actually Marduk rapes me, too. I remember Rob gave me a few beatdowns with Marduk and that wasn’t even really when he was interested in it I don’t think. >_> Oh yeah, that was at PAX! I can’t believe I got like 3rd in the T5 tourney and I had played it like twice and knew like two asuka juggles. :lol: I mean there weren’t many advanced level players I guess, but it was just weird. I expected to run into a half-decent steve who actually understood the logistics of the game and get obliterated… I’m rambling. ( :smokin: )

JTM’s Marduk is on some weird shit.


Pip outta nowhere with the random hate. lol.

Wow, random. Who’s pip?

Haha, I used to go to school with a couple of guys at UW. Just dropping by to leave random messages. If any of you guys have PS3s, you should play some Tekken DR online with Eugene, Shriram, and me. It’s tons of fun. It’s like the HUB again, except there aren’t random people stealing your quarters.

Haha, by the way, you know I’m kidding, Evan. How’s your Xiaoyu coming along? Still using her? I hope you’re using a lot of back turned taunts like I showed you all those years ago. :tup:

Oh I know man. I’m not trippin’; it’s all good. Yah my Xiouyu is uhhh… not so hot. -_-;;

Blast from the past!

Since there’s random interest in Tekken, I’m always down to play some at Zach’s. At least when I’m not playing Madden.

You showing tomorrow night Rob?