We need more Vampire Savior / Darkstalkers players in Seattle!


Who else loves this game?

Me and Airthrow tested our copies of the Vampire Savior CPSII board last week, and both work great.

Unfortunately neither of our cabs are fully working at the moment, but once we get them up we were talking about trying to get a regular gathering together for VS (and ST of course, now that Pink Gorilla is dead).

Anyone else interested?


Like everything else, I say I’m down but most likely won’t show. Peep the sig.

When do you guys think you’ll be meeting up? Geo, you on GGPO? There’s matches going on right now.


would love to learn this game, this game is harddddd =)


man i was up watching that link on the front page.
WOWZERs, i had no eyedea that Sasquatch was so beastly


Never got a chance to play this game but I want to learn. If it’s on GGPO I guess I have no excuse. lol


Would always be down for VS, unfortunately I’m going back down to Yakima until Final Round most likely

Shred, if you wanna get into VS this wiki is a great source of information to use. GGPO is also a great thing to use, alot of really good players are usually in the room and they like helping people.


Yall’d get raped :smiley:


Cool man, thanks. I usually only use GGPO for ST and 3S but I’m definitely gonna try out VS soon. Dig that wiki too. lots of good info.


4 days and this thread is still at 8 views :rofl:

Might I suggest we copy and paste the info from the other threads and update the first post.

Played around 40-50 matches today on GGPO and the connections were awesome. I got completely destroyed by a Q-Bee player(Shoultzula)This bitch is like Magneto with her speed and mix ups which isn’t surprising since this game laid the ground work for fast paced fighters. Had a couple other matches where I was getting waxed but was able to hold it down against other beginners like myself. Watched a few people go at it after the beat downs which brings me to…

Initial impressions…so far.

The game is very fast paced so I was still adjusting to the speed of things as well as the overall flow, but one day of solid play is all you need. It can be daunting if you let it(like my first few matches with Shoultzula), but once you get that out of your system you really don’t feel overwhelmed and get the feeling of “Oh I should’ve done this…” “I see how this works…” etc., even though your opponent will be on you like a stink on shit and you’ll still get wrecked if you don’t know what your doing at first.

My only beef is GGPO and WA don’t get along. There’s someone in Seattle who goes by the handle “hombow”. His ping was 15 ms, yet it still wouldn’t let us connect…

Other than that hope to see the WA peeps on GGPO getting in on this and hopefully there can be sessions held on days I don’t work.:wgrin:


I’m down to play some VS though I wish they had NW2 instead, but that’s just my preference.


I’ll update the first post when I have some time, I’m slammed with work right now.


Anything darkstalkers im down for just times and places still new to ggpo trying to work it but if theres a cab somewere ill roll to tilt or Where ever it is


I would guess that either he or you don’t have the correct ports open?


Not on wireless. That shit is trash. This happened with me and Trace in A3 as well.


Whether you’re on wireless or not is not related to whether you have the correct ports open or not.

Although I’m happy to hear you’re using a straight cable for maximum reliability.


If I could get GGPO to work, I’d play with you guys ;| I’ll try to get it working this weekend me thinks


Sounds like the problems on your end, I’ve played with Trace and other Seattle people alot in A3/A2.