We NEED to vote for Viper to be put in TxSF!

I’ve read that Harada is starting a poll on Facebook to let the fans vote for which characters they want in Tekken x Street Fighter. Me personally I want Viper (of course) and Ingrid. Things arent looking too great for her in SFxT, and i have a feeling she wont be in it knowing that there are only a handful of characters left to be announced. Besides, who will be her partner? Viper works alone!!! I ask ALL of you players of Miss Perfect please support the Tekken x Street Fighter poll…When Harada-san puts it up! XD

Just thinking about that makes me lol how would she work in Tekken’s 3D gameplay? I don’t think they’ll allow her to fly everywhere doing BK’s :rofl:
I’m curious now but whatever Viper’s got my vote, Viper forever :lovin:

I bet all her advance juggle combos will be TK feint cancel combos.

  • Seismo will suck but will be godlike in combos

  • Burnkick on block will prob be a 15+ frame punisher( launchers)

  • close s.HK will have tracking ( no side dashing that shit)

  • her best normal will be c.MK (range)

LMAO. You know too much about Viper! True Viper player right here.

Haha I can see this working, lets go Viper