We should be able to earn better specials, ultras, or characters


Either by winning tournaments or doing well in officially recognized events.

With great skill comes great reward, or now in this case with great skill comes the same stupid garbage that everyone else gets by default! Do you understand nothing about what motivates gamers? We want that item that wails on people and does more damage than any other, because we earned it! The sense of accomplishment after doing the immposible and then having others recognize what you have achieved.

Scrubquotes is back!

Go play MOBA games if you want that, keep this as far away from fighting games as possible.


This is what makes hardcore games, rewards for the skilled. Have fun with your game casual


So Y player wins tournament playing his or her character against player Z.
Y player’s character gains additional tools that increase characters overall well-being and general opinion of character goes up, but only for player Y who can use said tools after winning the tournament.
Let’s say the match-up at the tournament is considered a 5-5.
After the tournament, the match-up would still be a 5-5, unless playing against player Y, who, because of additional stats on his version of said character, changes match-up to 6-4.
Only when playing said player is match-up 6-4.
Other players now have to prepare for potential match-ups and situations that they cannot recreate because they do not have said character upgrades.

So no, I do not think this is a good idea. The reward for winning a tournament should be monetary or even the satisfaction of winning.
Also, I think for many players, the idea of winning the tournament itself is motivating enough.


If players whine about being killed too much by the improved character then here is a novel Idea… GO GET ONE TOO YOU IDIOT!

This game is just a little league soccer game where “everyone is a special little snowflake, and nobody keeps score because no matter what you do we are all equal”


Riiiiight, because holding tournaments where the losers get eliminated, placements are documented, money is awarded according to placement and people play First to win “X” sets is not keeping score.


Ughh says a guy that most likely thinks COD is the best competitive game of all time. Kids these days…

I bet you have an Mlg gamerpic. kook


Of course people keep score. John Choi won 2 tournaments at Evo in the same year. Daigo did the same a few years prior. KO won 3S two years in a row, both times beating Daigo in the finals. Justin Wong won MVC2 three years in a row at Evo. There’s the ‘score.’

Also, please don’t call me an idiot.



I only play fighting games. And if you didn’t want people to discuss your idea, then why did you create a thread? Expecting everyone to agree with you is unrealistic and unhealthy.

But who knows. Maybe we’re all just being trolled.


this topic is too dumb to be anything but a troll topic

you’re welcome for the 30 seconds of attention you received


Come on guys, it’s an obvious troll.


Lol, keep living in your casual world where everybody has to be equal all the time. It’s exactly you casuals I’m telling to stop blabbing, I want to talk to the hardcore.


inb4 b&


Before I leave, I have to ask, what tournaments have you attended? Are you a part of your local community? What defines ‘hardcore’?


Sadly I was hoping to get some entertainment from this stupidity, but this jumped the shark way too quickly. 2/10, but would flag again.


Also, lol at OP implying he’ll ever take down the top players at a regional or major. You want that reward of a retarded strong character to make up for your lack of skill and give you an easy ride. The problem is that you forget that you will personally have to beat people leagues above you in a public setting. If you’re a masochist and cant wait to get fucking destroyed because Xian unlocked CPU Shin Akuma for XBL play because he won at Ultra, and you are absolutely eager to have your asshole torn asunder, then go ahead. Good luck with that.

3/10 troll you made me reply


posting replies longer than ten words in a trollbait thread…


You think?
What was your first clue?


I’m a little slow on these things sometimes.