We should petition for them to release BB:CP on PC


It’s really not fair to us PC gamers that we haven’t had a single Blazblue release since the original version. Maybe the development is early-on enough that we could convince them to release a PC port.


Get organizing if you care.


Well the way the game is built development-wise the easiest thing to port that board to is PC… But considering the target audience of Blazblue I can’t see it ever happening as the only ones who would uptake a PC port would be the west and western anime ‘Blazblue’ fans are piracy machines. For this same reason it probably shouldn’t happen.

On the other hand there’s a great many who feel burnt by the 4th disk release(3 of them being full price) of a Fighter which only has 10 extra characters (and possibly lacking 2) from the 1st release who would rather just download it. For myself and many others the badly written visual novel style story is no selling point.


How do I go about starting one?


Heck if I know. Probably start with a site like iPetitions and go from there.

Also, Plibble, your complaint is slightly off, considering that BB:CS was also a value/bargain title at $40. :stuck_out_tongue: /nitpick


I think they’re more concerned with how it’s not really fair to them that they put on a lot of time/money/effort to get GFWL version of CT out only to have a billion pirated copies out there lol.


Well, the “easy” answer to the piracy issue comes in a single word: Steam. HOWEVER, Japan is still highly ignorant of how well that platform is working over here, I think.


I still just don’t think a PC version is a profitable venture, and I don’t think they’re a large enough place to pull people off of other projects to put them into that port.


I’m not prepared to argue that one either way - either in terms of the amount of work (Though odds are if they’ve already doing an Xbox conversion, a PC conversion isn’t that much more work) or in terms of potential sales (I doubt I would buy it for the PC unless I got it on $10 steam sale or something, but you never know.)


I personally would buy it if it was released for PC, but that’s just me. >_>


Depends on whether they also implemented cross platform play or not. :stuck_out_tongue:


No offense, but I think there’s enough C.P. on the P.C.


I’m in support of a pc port if it features cross compatible online play with the ps3 version. Otherwise, a few months after release it will be almost impossible to find other players.


We’re not offended, but we still think you’re an idiot. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I support this too much, I’m a diehard PC player and keyboard is the only way I can play these fightan games

They’d have a fast sale of like, 5 PC copies to me


I seriously would make BB CP my main fighter if it came to PC. I game on console a lot less now a days. Put it on Steam for $30, and it would sell like 2 million copies. …maybe not that many, but still.


Baka Gaijin think they can pirate our game again, no PC release. Also you know someone will port the arcade version, though it won’t have all the features you still get an early preview, also bet Wii-U get’s a port before 360 or PC lel. Also to add onto what Airk said, Japan is pretty ignorant about PC gaming in general especially Steam, they still use gameguard for one of the most recent releases in Japan “PSO2(Phantasy Star Online 2)” and it’s made a lot of users unable to play the game, anyone who’s had gameguard running before should know about the bs it brings.