We should start filling up the strategy guides


word man

I hear ya, the strategy guides need help. thats an understatement. BTW what sort of info should be posted where.

Anybody out there love hyper fighting please indulge us with your knowledge

put it in the correct spot… so, if you want to write in magneto strats, go to mvc2 > characters > magneto…

etc… it’s really organized well like that

I added some stuff to the LB section, but I can’t copy the stuff I wrote over directly because of the forum code I used, so I’ve been procrastinating.

i’ve been getting owned by school… I’ll start up anak or lilith sooner or later… 2 more characters by mid-may I think… for vampire that is

i put in some shit, only what i know about though!

another quick question, if I accidentally wrote incorrect info, or if anybody does, Will, there be someone to correct the false information, or will the crappy info just stay online for everybody to just accept as truth?

Because, no offense, but among all of the rare golden information on this site; there is a whole lot of scrub bull shit that I would like to see disappear and I would feel really stupid if I just added to that crap.

And, thanks m1x4h. I think I’ll start adding some good stuff to the hyper fighting advanced tactics and Ken. For those of you who would like a better understanding of the cps1 chains or kara-canceling etc. my info will be plugged in by April 12 mid-night at the latest.

yeah, anybody can go in and make corrections… it’s free reigns for whatever.

So where do we go about getting people banned? This Dilbert guy has already defaced the GGslash page twice.

PM Wizard or Javi i guess

Dilbert looks more like a bot than anything. The admin simply need to up the security on their user registration system.

methinks that u should have to include a number that you must register with through your SRK account… but that might be too complex, or impossible, since they run on different systems.

good shit… keep up the additions!

I’m working on the A3 R.Mika strategy guide. Just now it’s only a somewhat detailed movelist (credit goes to KMegura and TS for the information), but i’ll update it when i have the time.