We should try to get Max to feature Skullgirls on his channel

Yohoho everyone,

Basically, I’ve been lurking the SRK forums for a few days (read the entirety of the QA thread yesterday), and I was thinking about how we could get Skullgirls more out there.

We probably all know of Max and his Assist Me videos, but his channel does feature other games very frequently, and he does have over 57,000 very loyal subscribers. It would be an incredibly efficient way to get the word out there, to introduce players to a new franchise, perhaps even having Max open up some of the mechanics in video form so they are (even) easier to understand.

I’ve posted on his channel and on one of his videos to appeal to him to feature Skullgirls, but obviously I’m just one guy and I won’t be enough. I say we all send him messages asking him to feature Skullgirls once it finally premieres. Of course, it would come down to his personal preference of whether he likes the game or not, but considering this was a dude that’s been playing since CotA I think he’d really dig the gameplay.

Anyway, just my two cents. It would be an extremely cost-effective marketing boost for this game, and I really want this game to succeed.

Actually, lol, I was thinking the same thing. He’s recently been doing live commentaries on soulcal V, and was thinking it’d be cool if he did the same for Skullgirls.

Any exposure for this game (especially from someone as popular as that Maximillian,) is of course a good idea.

I’d love to see it happen, but I doubt bombarding his mail with comments is going to make him feel any more accepting of our game.

It would hardly be bombarding, it would be more like getting his attention to focus on the game, especially if lots of his audience is asking him to cover it.

And of course he might not like it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I don’t understand why you’re jumping to the implied assumption that it’s unlikely he’d want to play it, especially when it has mechanics that are right up his alley (and the fact that he’s open to playing pretty much any fighting game).

The fact that the ONE comment I posted about Skullgirls on one of his videos is now the top-rated comment in a matter of minutes shows that his audience wants to see him play it.

He is MVC2 player, right? They tend to like SG as far as I know. We just need to wait till the game is ready.
Or RL can approach him the same way Capcom did before UMVC3 release you know >=]

It’d be pretty sick if he did an Assist Me series on an early copy of Skullgirls.

Ravi? Can you hear us? =]

Hey. Hey. He actually taking recommendations for other games.

Maximillian seems to support the games he likes and they tend to be whatever is being blasted at the FGC’s face with 20 foot speakers and oil drums of money. I honestly think he is a pretty cool dude, but I don’t see him lifting a finger if he doesn’t like the game.

I’ve honestly thought about it too, but it might be best to just let it happen if it happens.

Edit: Saw the cross assault video. Yeah, he is asking for recommendations so there might be a small chance.


Also, not going to happen.

You are right. He doing what he doing because he loves doing it. Which is logical because no one pays him for it. It’s not like he’s loves only big successful titles - it’s just ends up this way. So if he’ll really likes SG I can’t see why he won’t do at least “Let’s Play” of it. Also he’s MVC2 & 3s player and an artist to boot so it’s highly probable for him to appreciate the game. The only thing bothering me though is his busyness with capcom-related projects… But then again - he found some time for SCV so why not pick up SG? Too bad its release close to one of SFxTK >_>

And a lot of people on that video is commenting and asking for Skullgirls. Couldn’t hurt to add your voices as well.

Well, actually me and SteelyHawke already did that =]

I guess I could do it as well…

I think all that needs to happen is for the game to be out and there to be enough fans willing to watch. One of those is already covered!

So max replied on that video:

“It was somewhat off my radar, but considering how much I’m hearing from you all…I’ll for sure pick it up when it comes out and make some playthru’s. :>”

Well, that was easy. Hooray!

Now for the Cross-Counter! ^____^

Wait. For serious?

Hope he holds true to his word. If he doesn’t, …well, he probably didn’t like the game and he’s entitled to his opinion…

There are plenty of top players who said their “Yay” to the game. So chances are he’ll love it too. The thing which bothering me though is he’ll being too busy with all that marvel and cross TK stuff…