We to be getting more Pu$$y in the NW!

I know im probaly gonna be catching some hate for this but this is real talk! We need to stop worrying about how to lay down the newest combo and just getting laid more! I know some of you are saying " But Jetay, if i start getting ass, won’t i start to suck @ games " and that answer is YES! Yes u will start to suck. It happens to everyone! But wouldnt you rather be DHCing Storm’s Hail Storm to Sentanel Droins for 40%. or be on a female DHCing from missionary to doggystyle for 100% sex damage. I leave it up to yall! yall need advice, discuss it here. or plan a night out at the club feelin on some booty till 5 a.m. instead of some dudes at playing some random shit until 5 a.m.! Get At It!

are you trying to tell me I’m not impressing the ladies by telling them I can do 12-hit DJ combos in training mode?

12-hit in ST? That shit is serious :sweat:

But you’re posting in the wrong place.

You EWGF my heart.

Thats exactly why you are alone! I bet you would use that line on a girl if you ever had a date! seriously! Thats not even acceptable in TZ!

Lol’z at this shit doggy!

Seriously Jetay, what about to say is gonna sound sooooo homosexual to your years that it might be detrimental, therefore, I’m gonna put this in the SRK blue font.

Yall guys are getting older. Right now, all people are TRULY looking for, is a COMPANION, not a flava of the week! Only new gen players are kinda young…thing is that I’m fucking 20 years old. And I ain’t got TIME to be just fucking around and having fun. Some people truly do see the importance and impact on what love REALLY is.

I’m truly not saying this because I don’t get pussy. I think some people know my stories here. I’ve had sex with a nurse of mine when I was 17 and she was 21 i think. I had a relationship with a girl when I was over at Japan, the girl being 26 and me being 20.

Truth of the matter is, that I DO have game. Yet the fact of the matter also is that I’m looking for something else. Ain’t you?

At the same time, gotta throw as much bait as you can to get more fish biting. So if someone wants to plan a night going down to the club, I’m fucking ALL for that shit.

All in all, good fucking post Jetay…however try not to make allegations towards people’s ego’s as far as that’s concerned…

*waits for the obligatory “NIGGA YOU GAY” comment *

  • Mike D.

funny, i just got laid 24 hours ago as of this posting

6 Hit Fierce FTW!

I kinda want to see robert just say the most randomest shit to some chicks

I will pay him 10 bucks if he walked up to a thick chick and said something like

“i can tell from yo size that that pussy is fire”

rapeing Keith in ST does not count as getting laid!:lovin:

seriously, were u lokkin at the lock while getting head or some shit!


^^ Pull the R.D.C on that ass!!! (Rolling Death Cradle) FTW!!

don’t forget to take #1virginmaster

Things in the penis department tend to slow down during summer break since I am away from all the action.

But on the realz, someone hook me up with a hot black girl. My game is not strong enough yet.

just work up the ladder find your self a half black girl even tajiri can get not one but aparently two of them and that fools has like no game just all the confidence and hella luck i suppose.


it was a joke >.>


101, the “uh…” didn’t really mean nothin at all, to be honest. I"m jus’ bored @ work and had nothing to add to the discussion.

Good shit! Someone had to say it…
Everyone needs to grow up sometime, I wouldn’t say letting go of this as a hobby does it, but if its harming any of you guys in the long run… take a break and get out there.

Or we could do both, by surreptitiously inventing fighting game groupies, and then get all the action we want…

…On second thought, I shudder to think of who would volunteer for that. :sweat: Nevermind, Jetay’s idea is better.