We top tier, folks!



(as of 15th of March 2015)

What a garbage list. Just highlights how much of a scrub-crusher Bison is.


Haha, I’m interested in seeing the visitor analytics of Eventhubs website.

Do we have more intermediate and expert players on SRK than EH? Or vice versa?


Bison’s an up and down sort of character when it comes to tier placement.

SF II Champion Edition, Best character in the game.
SF II Turbo, Hyper Fighting, Worst character in the game.
Super SF II unknown, game had too short a shelf life to develop a competitive scene.
Super SF II Turbo, low mid tier. Old M.Bison was considered bottom tier.
Hyper SF II Anniversary Edition, return of CE Bison, best character in the game.
Super SF II HD Remix, low mid tier.

SF Alpha Warriors Dream: Unknown. Don’t have any info on the game.
SF Alpha 2: Low mid tier.
SF Alpha 2 Gold: No information.
SF Alpha 3: Low tier.
SF Alpha 3 Upper: No information.

SF IV Mid tier
Super SF IV: Top tier.
Super SF IV AE: mid tier
Super SF IV AE 2012: Mid tier.
Ultra SF IV: Upper mid tier.

SF V: Consensus so far that’s he top tier.


Only top tier inasmuch as all the tiers are compressed and he’s joined by a lot of others in this top tier.


The downplays
Why is it so bad that he is considered top tier?


Its not.

Regardless of who you play, you feel compelled to defend your character from casual players players and drive by posters who claim x character current is too strong, or x tactic by y character is too cheap.

Players always feel that the tools another character has are better than their characters tool and that the character they main is weaker than suggested and only the players who main the character understand these weaknesses.

When its claimed that your character is the best or joint best in the game, its like a claim saying your success as a player is not due to skill but mostly due to your character being OP. So when its suggested people get defensive.

Bison is strong in this game, but its a little early to say how strong he is. I personally feel he’s strong, but he’s no where near 3S Chun, or vanilla Sagat or AE Yun.


… or SF5 Chun.

Advantage of playing a supposed GOD tier character is that it’s easy to break your opponent’s will. If you blow him up first round their brains can go into “oh, he’s supposed to destroy me as he’s top tier” and pretty much give up for the rest of the game. That’s the only advantage really.


It’s not bad. It’s just not realistic. He’s got some nice tools and punishes but from my experience it pales in comparison to some other characters that have good blender mix ups or faster movement.

I think he’s in the top 30% as far as tier placement goes at the moment, but not #1,2, or 3.


Bison’s walking a thin line between being god tier and being low tier. His defense is very bad in a game where offense wins the game so you have to be careful about not getting knocked down or cornered. But he’s got unique tools and incredible pressure and damage.


well when I said top tier I meant top 5
my tier brackets are probably fucked compared to everyone else

I do feel you guys on people feeling like you deserve less credit for winning based on the supposed tier of the character you’re using


Bison was my one and only main in the SF IV series and I stuck with him regardless of tier placement in the series for pretty much 7 years. If he is top tier in SF V, I’ll feel no sympathy for my opponents, I’ve done my time so to speak.

Not that familiar with SF V Chun, what has she got that compares to vanilla Sagat.

Characters that players here think are better than Bison, what is that makes these characters better. Not trolling, just asking for opinions.


I don’t take that tier list seriously. Only thing for sure is Chun and Sim imo.


It’s only been a month, there’s a patch that will change some things considerably, and six more characters that Bison may or may not have trouble with. In other words, too early to call.

Also Eventhubs users listed Wesker’s OTG gunshot as an S-tier assist in UMvC3 so I wouldn’t trust their input too seriously haha.



Chun’s normals are sooooo so good, she has good walk speed and tick-throws, she has her EX SBK invincible reversal, her s.LK is one of the game’s most amazing anti-air so you can’t jump on her but she’s gonna throw kikoukens to hide behind and walk forward. She also got an air throw and an overhead. Srsly she’ tough.


Well for one, Chun keeps Bison grounded really well IMO. She can AA you better than you can AA her. Fast walk speed, 3f jab, good EX-SBK wake up and I just think her pressure game is overall pretty good. 3f jab just easily disrespects a lot of Bison pressure. It’s not terrible but I am leaning toward Chun on this one.

Overall I just think he’s more like a #5-#8 character. Definitely top half, not bottom half IMHO.


Victory begins at the select screen. Rejoice that you made a right choice where your opponents wouldn’t.


Bison, Chun and Dalshim are top tier for sure. Bison is overpowered no matter what you say, maybe not the top tier, but he’s definetly op, as Chun and Dlashim are. No nerfs in the march update, so it’s probably time to get in the free lp train and play one of those 3


EventHubs tier list is literally the most unreliable there is.


I feel most characters keep Bison grounded. I’ve experience against Ryu, Dhalsim, Karin, Gief, Chun, Necali, Rashid, Cammy and Birdie and all of them have better AA options than Bison, Vega is the only character I know of who I feel has worse AA.

So good anti airs and a good reversal are not something that would make me despair in a match up.
Ryu for example has S.LP 3 frame jab, that’s very good anti air and also stops cross ups, and leads to a reset.
Ryu has 3-5 frame meter less reversal which is as good as EX.SBK (yes its easier to punish, but EX.SBK isn’t hard to punish either).
Ryu has a stronger zoning game than Chun. V-Skill just lets Ryu jump at you in my opinion.
He gets his Okizeme going easier than Bison can, EX.Fireball, anti air jab or shoryuken, sweep, Tatsu (blows up throw tech hard), forward throw and target combo.
His J.LK stuffs S.HK clean 100% of the time and will always trade with C.HP (bad trade for Ryu I know).

Now I need more experience with Chun to comment on what her pressure game is like but Ryu’s is extremely strong.


My biggest nuisance between Ryu and Chun is the fast jabs and quick jumps. Chun doesn’t have a quicker jump but after she keeps you grounded there’s some tricky knockdown setups with jumping in and vskilling that can get cross ups and a lot of weird stuff. Once she is in your face, it’s a bit more relentless with air legs closing the gap and checking all your buttons.