We wanna do a tournie at the DoJo Today!


Call me up with ideas…206 375 6048…or call Cole

Let me know,

Since nothing is going down at UW



If this actually happens someone hit me up at 425 444 7539. As long as its not super late I’m down for a tourney at coles


for sure…looks like Cole set it for 5pm


Yes, this is happening at the Dojo. Tourney assist, Tournament starts at 5pm over at the Dojo.

Running HDR and SF4. T6 if enough people want it.

MAde a thread about it. Lets make this happen!!



Richard, Drew, Mikhail, Kwan and I were planning on making our way over there tonight: I’ll get in touch with them and see if they’re up for trying to get there earlier (we had planned for 7pm)


IS there anyone who is planning to go to this later (like 7 and after) that would be willing to hook me up with rides (me being in Redmond) like usual w/ me, gas money/food money/ego boosting flattery is on the table for compensation. REALLLY want to get some games in today…


trying to get there by 5 today. i may be a little late.