We want TvC and SSF4 tournaments at MLG

It would be a win win situation if MLG and Capcom worked together. The fighting game community is a big one, and with that means more money for both companies. Despite Japan’s Capcom’s ridiculous argument over MLG. Screw that, make up and get together. Capcom should support this, we will let them know that this is what the community of fighting game fans want.

The fuck does that have to do with us?

Saying yes/no/maybe in this thread has no effect on anything.

The community has a big effect on business’ like Capcom.

True, Capcom pays attention to the community, but to send a statement like that here isn’t effective. TvC is more a niche game currently, and it’s hard to imagine it being on the marketable scale of SSFIV (it sucks, but that’s the current perspective). I think you’re posting in the wrong forum area sir.

In reference to MLG…

I don’t see a point to it. There is money to be made, but I don’t think it really justifies working with MLG and that stuff when you have people just making their own community gathering/tournament/money match locations all over the world. From what I’ve seen, more people are busy trying to do their own thing than to want something from MLG.

Big name tournaments: EVO, Devastation
Localish tournament scenes I’m familiar with: UGTL, Primetime Gamers, The Box Arena, WestCoast Warzone

The fighting game ‘community’ isn’t one whole big mass, it really just a lot of smaller communities that sometimes intermingle with each other.

We don’t need this bull****


The TvC roundtable here on SRK? Influence Capcom? EH HEH HEH HEH HEH.

Not as big as you think…

I say that the pro players are too lazy or they just don’t care about it, which doesn’t make sense because they are the ones that will be making money off it, a lot of money. Are they really that short sighted? Anyways, thanks for going into detail about it.

Whether or not people think this would be cool, anybody who thinks that MLG would pick up TvC is just kidding themselves. The community is just not anywhere near large enough to make something like that worth their while. SF4 maybe, but that’s not what this subforum is about.

As much as it would be nice to see TvC:UAS in a lineup hosted by MLG, it’s just not likely. Jint already covered much of what need to be said. Generally, MLG only hosts mainstream shooter games, but never have I seen them support any Capcom game. They know Super Smash is popular enough to support. They also supported Tekken 5 and currently support Tekken 6.

I believe the scene of fighting games is fine enough with the majors in the US like EVO, Devastation, etc., and Japan with their active arcade scene tourneys and SBO.

I really wish UAS had come out in arcades…

I agree this would be sweet, but tremendously unlikely. They don’t even have SSF4 IIRC

Cause Capcom didn’t let them have street fighter so hmmmm lets see Capcom = SSF4 = TvC.

Really? I didn’t know the history behind that. That’s interesting that Capcom would say no. What was their reasoning?