We Will Defeat Mephisto Together- The Ghost Rider Team Building Thread



Put your ideas for your Ghost Rider based teams here!!

As of right now, I’m thinking that Ghost Rider/Deadpool/Hawkeye will be extra dirty. Deadpool can set up unblockables with his low assist, while Hawkeye can help GR play keep away with his upwards arrow assist. Not to mention the capability for this team to DHC in combos and even in and out safely, plus the crazy damage a THC will likely do.

What are your thoughts on good Ghost Rider teams??


Im running Strange (bolts) Dormammu (dark Hole) Zarathos (heartless spire)


Considering GR’s ridiculous keep away game… I’d say he’d pair well with characters with assists that give addition keep away options such as projectiles, or DP assists to get them off of GR. Especially since his normals are supposedly pretty bad at close range.


Exactly what I was thinking. Although, his normals might be even more powerful mid range (as in like 1/3rd screen away) once he has level 3 because of the crazy threat of kara level 3. I’m really hoping that Hawkeye up arrows assist can help keep away, as well as set up things like that.


I like running him with Vergil because they seem to have good synergy. Vergil’s Rapid Slash assist works great as a combo extender for Ghost Rider and Ghost Rider in turn works as a nice battery. Plus Heartless Spire with a teleport sounds like a good attack plan because of the large amount of hitstun it has.


I’d like to try Raccoon/Dormammu/Ghost Rider but I’m not really sure what order or what assists to give. I imagine Ghost could be on point since he doesn’t need meter much but after that I’m not sure.


Going to try out Iron Fist (rising fang), Ghost (Hellfire), and V.Joe (Shocking Pink)

From playing at NYCC, I’ve already seen that GR’s chains work well to bounce Joe’s bomb at the opponent. Good for lockdown. Iron Fist can build quite a lot of meter for Ghost, so that can get his lvl 3 ready if need be. His assist specifically hits high, which be good for cr. :h: mixups.


Gonna put Ghost Rider as an anchor so that I don’t have to learn a million characters for the game. Assist will be chosen based upon matchup:

If against a zoning team: Chain Whip
If against a rushdown/mixup team: Heartless Spire

Looking at Dante/Firebrand/Ghost Rider right now. Team Hell ftw.


To be honest, I’m looking hard at GR/Wolverine/Vergil.

If Logan’s Swiss Cheese is made an assist, that’ll keep 'em from getting too close without paying. And Vergils Dash Slash assist can cause delayed mix-ups with low:h: or air:s:. Lack of good projectiles will be a factor, but then with the Rider’s chains, you don’t really have to worry about ranged attacks.


Nova and Ghost Rider is also a nice combo. Heartless Spire has a lot of hitstun and Nova’s dive kick would make a really nasty and potentially safe mixup.


My day one team is FireBrand (Demon Missile H) | Ghost Rider (heartless Spire) | taskMaster (Aim Master {Parabolio Shot}). I was going to roll with IF|GH|FW, but I changed my mind. Also This wont be my perm. team, however Ghost Rider will be on my perm team, Hell look at my name or tag, it fits Ghost Rider perfectly.


honestly though, when I tell people my team, more then half of the people tell me to switch out TM and put in Hawkeye. I think Hawkeye / Ghost Rider synergy is bananas, but Taskmaster has that Black Knight alt… I just gotta play with that, day one.


Hey guys I’m going to a tournament the 19th and there is going to be a new character only UMvC3 side tourney so I was thinking I would use RR/Ghost Rider/Firebrand AKA Team Time-Over I’m pretty much locked on RR/Ghost Rider but if anyone know a character they feel would go better please tell me (remember it has to be one of the 12 new characters).


Ghost Rider (Spire)
Spencer (Slant Shot)
Nova (Grav Pulse)

My team of 3 points (the order isn’t final yet). The assists may not be optimal, but I have good feeling that all characters will be able to benefit from eachother in some fashion. With GR I’d be putting up Nova shields to boost zoning. It’s more of a “stay off me” rather than a “lock down from distance” similar to how you’d use Peekaboo I guess. In any case, I can’t imagine getting through his chains, Nova’s shield and Spire will be an easy task, except for maybe Strider who can do whatever he wants

Slant Shot will mostly be a combo extender. Seems like it’d be useful to call at the same time as I throw out a Spire and if they get hit by it, they’ll get grappled, hopefully into a full combo and if they block, well… who cares? It’s friggin Heartless Spire!


Hawkeye over Firebrand,to fit more with the Time Over Motif.


Ghost Rider (Spire), Dorm (black hole), Doom (plasma beam or missiles)

This is an excellent day 1 ghost team. After playing UMVC3 all night yesterday I can definitely tell Ghost Rider is gonna be a good battery. Chain blockstrings build so much meter and I really dont think he needs to spend much either. I found it was better just to keep pressuring with assist + J.s/st.H/Eat Chain after an air combo instead of using meter on Maelstrom or Bike super. He has really safe, really harrassing pressure which builds meter.

Thats why Dormammu is second. Dorm can take full advantage of the meter by filling the screen up with pillars cancelled into stalking flares, charged up dark spells, meteor showers, dark holes and flame carpets.I wasnt even doing bnbs with Ghostrider and was still building around 3 meters for Dorm to play with if Johnny blaze died. The dark hole assist looks like it could be used for a relaunch bnb for GR too as it holds the opponent in place quite nicely.

Finally Doom’s beam assist helps out the whole team by providing good cover for GR’s chains and adding to the chip harassment. It also helps on Dorms end too, giving him safe teleports and extending his combos.

Doom himself is a solid XF3 character so you’ve got an anchor sorted too.


Good to hear Ghost Rider is a great battery! I’m really set on using a Nova/Ghost Rider/Vergil team and Vergil is one of the biggest meter eaters in the game.


What do you feel like Ghost Rider’s options are when it comes to stopping/punishing people for super jumping?


Im thinking Ghost Rider/Rocket Racoon/Doom.

Between Rocket’s log trap and Doom’s missiles or plasma beam I think they will do a pretty good job at stuffing people trying to move in from the air or ground (and log trap catching teleporters too I assume) . I see Doom’s plasma beam being the better in this situation though as even if Ghost Rider dies, Rocket’s size and burrowing seems like a cheeky tactic when mixed with the beam.


This is something he cant do much about without assists.Jam session or Hidden missiles might have to be required to play him in the future, as he cant do much about superjumps.Theres only two things to combat it that I’ve found:

Eat Chain ( H srk motion) is pretty good at stopping people jumping once they’re locked down.However it doesnt quite go full screen and has slow startup so you’ll want to call a covering assist before you do it.

The only other thing I can say is that his air throw is really good (the hitbox seems huge) so its not game over if people do start super jumping.