We will wear the internet

So just stumbled upon this video.

It made me think that the possibilities for us gamers are just beyond imaginable.
It would probably also mean a rebirth for arcades since of course at first most people wouldnt be able to aford this technology.
Can you picture being inside a real FPS setup (laser tag dont count) or inside a mario game.
I hope we get to see and experience this

Isn’t this basically already what happens when you run out of tissues at your desk, though?

That is sick.

In the future our vision will be augmented?



Oh no!!

Hope you’re going to have a fat enough wallet. Surely a thing like this isn’t going to be cheap.

Goddamit, another bot dress thread…
Oh. Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t… Carry on. :tup:

I’d love to see this in every mans living room :stuck_out_tongue:


This guy needs to stop talking and make me my contact lenses.

“You will see an individuals and their biography will appear and subtitles will appear if they speak in _______”

manabe “out of a job because subtitles overcame translators”


In the era of 50+ core processors, it will be interesting to see where the limits of AI systems will be. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_room

I’d must rather get this in glasses form. Dreaded fear of poking my eyes out with contacts. Don’t want the internet to be the blame for why I have to wear an eye patch.

What would be awesome is if we discovered that for intelligence to ever be brought into existence it has to be evolved through chaos that far exceeds the realm of impossibility. If intelligence is the 2 of spades in a deck of cards, then that deck would have to be shuffled an infinite amount of times before that card even appears in the deck, let alone is drawn.

I kinda think that’s what we’re gonna find once we get a few layers down in artificial intelligence. That would be amazing. :tup:

When I was listening to Dr. Kaku…I thought he was referring to the holodeck from Star Trek: TNG.
Now that would be awesome…

the technology sounds amazing, but who is he kidding? That shit is going to be wasted on simulated Vaginas.

on the upside, that means everybody should be god by the age of 15

Now that I think about it.
If this technology does exist, its going to take at least 50 years before it becomes a mainstream product.
It will more likely be used mostly by the government at first just like the internet

HAHAHAHAH that is exactly what i thought. The porn industry is going to have fun with this one.

I have a feeling this can be out in the market less than 10 years. Holograms will probably be in the market as well, not that its not already.

So the future will be really expensive, gimmicky, and unpractical?

Hipster glasses that give you live updates on obsure references? Please dear god no.

Also I hope the internet comes in plus size for all you Americans out there.