Weak points on strider?



:bluu: Well i have a bad habits on teleporting , sometimes mistake happened when i challeging will god tiers. Such as MSP team…it happened sometimes when i try to teleport mistake will climb on the wall… :frowning:

Other than that what is the best way to make strider teleport to other side without lag huh??It happened sometimes on cable AVHB when i done the teleport 1st b4 he do the super and get free laser.

I kind of like playing on Srider and Doom cuz i am the only the guy using this team in this town.


What are you trying to say?:confused:


he is saying he hates the lag on strider’s teleport and the correct response would be is that srk can’t change the amount of frames it takes for his teleport to start up…i mean, what do you expect from a teleport that has almost NO RECOVERY…there has to be a con somewhere, and even that con isn’t a big one…don’t be so predictable


while you’re inputting the dragon punch motion, whale on lp, until the df and hit the lp/hp. you can’t get rid of the lag, but at least 2/3 rings are flying at their faces which makes it harder to hit you while you’re teleporting (and it doesn’t slow you down from teleporting either cuz you have to input that dragon punch…so why not throw rings for that 1/6 of a second).


this thread’s already been covered…
::sigh:: why can’t u new people just goto strider section, and search from the beginning… you still get alot outa these boards, w/out adding all the clutter and extra threads…



After reading that it seems like your new to Strider hiryu.
Telporting error is the primary complaint to people learning him, just practice your teleport dexterity in the training room, and don’t take on high skill competition.
I think Blackhearts’s AAA benefits the people learning Strider’s teleport game. The BH assist develops your teleport reactions for some reason (It seemed to help me w/ that shit).