"Weak" The Alex Critique Thread



So I figured it was about time someone opened up this thread. Since no one else has, here it is.

Post up the videos of your matches and have members of the community critique them and give advice on how to improve.

I will get the ball rolling with a match against the third Birdie I’ve faced as Alex. I played rather poorly but feel free to be harsh. :slight_smile:



Have some more replays up. Putting up some with a decent Mika player I ran into in Ranked.

my most recent


2:45 of part 3 is my proudest moment. I feel I made an excellent read



I uploaded a bunch of replays yesterday and today. Taking advantage of Battle Lounge to play higher ranked guys.

Also running into a lot of Alex mirrors. This first to 3 I had with this Ken player was really fun


How do you capture matches like that? I guess you can only do it on computer?


I’m on PC. I use nvideas Shadowplay. Super simple to use.


Hey I really recently started going out to tournaments, been an online warrior for a whilenow. I realize that I’m not quite on the level of other players. That being said I would love for you guys to help and critique some matches I had the other night and point out anything I could have done better.

My match is at 52:13, 1:12:55 and 1:36:00
you don’t have to go easy on me i need all the criticism i can get