Weapon of choice (need controller/stick recommendation)

Hello there,

my fist post on this board so bear with me :). First things first, i already red a lot of the “which stick/pad to buy guides” on this and other boards, but i am still wondering what to buy. Maybe you guys can give me your 2 cents, since most of you have been around here for longer than i have.

I am a PC guy and the games i play are:
KOF 98, KOF 2002, KOF 2013, Mortal Kombat, Injustice, SSF4U

I am a Keyboard player, so i have no prior experience with sticks or fightpads.
And yes i am aware of the Hitbox, but i think i too expensive for a “keyboard with arcade buttons”

The choices i have found Online are:

Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. VX SA Kai
My first choice as of now. Full Sanwa parts and looks decent.


Mad Catz® Arcade FightStick™ PRO
Same as SA Kai, but its more expensive, and i dont like the red.


WWE All Stars Brawl Stick
Budget choice. Since i never played stick it would be wise to try this one first, but i fear that if i like stick i would regret not going for a better stick.

Mad Catz Arcade FightPad SD
DPad and 6 buttons on the front side, but ppl say the quality sucks.

What do you guys think? Given these choices? Or do you even have a better recommendation? I appreciate any information.

Thanks in advance!



Out of that list, I’d get either the VX SA kai or the Madcatz Pro, whichever you can get the best price on.

Do not go with the WWE All Stars Brawl Stick. Yes its cheap but if you plan on playing a lot on the stick, it would be wise to go with one of your first two choices. This is coming from a person that started on a WWE All Stars Brawl Stick coming from a pad. Now the pad is cheap as well and you most likely can blow $20.00 on it and still get one of the other sticks with no problem.

Well the pad is not cheap in germany. It’s still 35 euros, which is about 45 dollars. Thanks for warning me about the brawl stick. Between the hori and the mad catz above, which one would you choose? I have never touched any of these 2.

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