Weapon X goof

On training mode, I hit Weapon X on Ruby Heart in the corner. It went for about 10-11 hits, basically just before the final slash when the move just stopped. It left Ruby Heart floating in the corner slightly above the ground convulsing for about two seconds. It’s really not that helpful in any sort of combo sense, but I did manage to hit Weapon X 2-3 times while she was still sitting there.

Has anyone else seen/done this?

its a glitch that basically takes place if the last hit of the weapon x misses, since its in the corner, your real close and the last hit whiffs leaving a character as if they were still in the special, it happens if you dhc into another character also.

I assume then it works the same on all the other characters then? Is there any real way to exploit it then? I mean, it is kinda moot considering bone claw is of the crap, but combo opportunities are always cool.

I’m pretty sure this was mentioned in the older posts.
You can set it up pretty easily with drones in the corner … d+Hp and drones, qcf +P, weapon X as they are still in the air.

Bonerine ain’t crap - he just can’t get hit.