Weaponlord Thread


I actually got back into Weaponlord and am now playing against my cousin in socal (I’m in norcal) using the genesis emulator w/ netplay. The emulator is called Fusion btw.

I’ve yet to find anything broken in Weaponlord becuase I didn’t really know how to play this game when I was a kid and I bet most of you didn’t, either. I’ve only been playing for a week and half. All I can say is this game really kicks ass. It was so ahead of its time with Thrust Blocking (parry), Guard Drop (guard break), Weapon Clashing, etc. The motions, were a little confusing at first, but, honestly, it gets easier with practice.

I’ve been using Bane because he’s quick on close range attacks, which makes up for his size, has an unbreakable weapon, almost all his moves cause stun (I think), and there might be other stuff that I’ve yet to experiment with. So if anyone who remembers this game or still play it just for fun, feel free to post up any strategy, character matchups, combos, or just any memories you have about this game. Thanks.

Reboot of old school fighting games IP's

Bane fucking ruled all.


I would start recording some matches on the emulator, but, unfortunately, I don’t have a fast enough computer. I use Screen VidShot 2.1 (full version).

I also play using my modded SF stick w/ ps->usb adapter.

Haha, Divada…I hate that bitch! My cousin uses her and I have a tough time tring to get in on him with Bane. Most I do is block, air parry or ground parry, into counter whenever I see an opening. I also do whatever it takes to avoid the corner. We don’t spam on attacks either, so I can say we’re both very technical at this game.


i played this too. I used Korr and jen tai. I remember korr being able to link a lot of crazy stuff.


Is the Genesis version better than the Snes version? Just wondering.


YES, WL was way ahead of its time. I have a WL FAQ on gamefaqs for the Genesis version. My FAQ is DEATHSCHILD: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/genesis/game/586594.html

I still play it (and EC-CD) when ever I hook up my Genesis. The Genesis 6 Button pad was the best ever, I liked it even more then the Saturn pad.

I liked all the characters, I used Talazia, Divada an Korr the most, I never liked Jen Tai for some unknown reason. She had some cool combos, but a few of her slashes were too slow, and you could easily TB most of them. For those who don’t know WL was designed by DJames and Dave W, both of who worked on SF2, and DJames also designed Dee Jay for SSF2. And, TB means Thrust Block, as the designers called it. TG was a parry, which WL made a priority in its gameplay.

I do have a couple of 100% combos, but I couldn’t find any repeat combos, or ones where you’d do the same few moves over and over again, as if you tried, your hits would either whiff or knock your opponent down. Too bad more fighting games couldn’t be like this.

WL was the reason I started posting on G-Faqs, mainly because the people who posted on there said that the Weapon Breaks weren’t in the game, which I had to explain too them that they were.

The SNES had the better graphics, but the Gen version had better control, easy AI, and was a little faster.


Thanks for the info, I still have the actual game for Snes here next to me collecting dust for Snes. I’ll try checking out the Genesis version to see what the low down is, thanks again.


yes, this game was tailor made for the Xband Network IIRC.

You know you can play this on Zbattle(hint hint)

I have it and it plays beautifully on Zsnes.


Weaponlord was the SNES equivalent to Eternal Champions for the Genesis. Both games were fucking hard as hell to play for me, yet they were complex games in their own rights. Both game’s learning curves were so steep, they made the games seem like they sucked. But once you get passed the learning curve, the game is pretty decent.

I’d love to see Weaponlord in a modern 2D style with a more refined fighting engine. I bet that game would beast.


According to the last WL thread that popped up, the SNES version was a bit more colorful, but the Genesis version had better animation.


It’d be cool to see sme of your emu replay files, or movies.


The SNES had much better music, graphics, and voice samples. There were of course more colors in the characters, and the stages. Plus everything was a shade softer, the Genesis version had a lot of sharp pixles in it.

Not to mention the big black bar on the top of the screen that cut off the backgrounds. The SNES had the health bars/time count floating over the top of the arena stage, the Genesis just had a huge black void.

I’m sure with the six button, the Genesis version controlled better. I’ve only played the Genesis version emulated, but I used to have the SNES version cartridge.

Oh yeah, does anyone have, or no where to get ANY portrait, or any art of the cast of WeaponLord? Or even has the instruction booklet for it?

I’m adding Weaponlord onto Wikipedia, and I’d like to have some images.


Ah, never mind. Found a bad-ass site myself.



Here are two sites that I’ve been looking at. Haha, I can’t believe the guy has scans of the 1995 Gamepro that features Weaponlord:


If you want images, this is the site:


edit: hah, nm…you found it :slight_smile:


HA! i bought that very issue of gamepro just for those combos/fatalities. god, that brings back some memories.


Man, at the last AZ tourney in January Cigarbob and James Goddard were playing WeaponLord for a few hours the night before the tourney, wish the stuff got recorded.


wow! That’s tight :rofl:


i ripped those pages out at the mag rack, i still have them packed away with my genesis (and my stick http://www.estarland.com/product14502.html) hahaa
i would love to get into this game again


Those combos in that Gamepro are Lame. :rolleyes:

I think I wanted to buy one of the WL Gamepro issue’s for that awesome BIZ pic of Korr on the cover.


I still have thay mag in my room. I loved that game and no one like it at the time because the motions were too hard. I remember being able to do triple fatalites with Korr.