Now don’t just dismiss this game as some generic, shitty Mortal Kombat clone from 1995. This game was away ahead of its time and actually has depth behind the “edgey” violence. Years before Street Fighter 3, this game had a parrying system. This game also has a bitchin combo system, OTGs, clashing and of course delicious finishers which actually come from your character’s specials rather than being completely standalone.

Sadly, not many people play this game, probably due to it being dated, not too flashy, and it seems like just one of the many Mortal Kombat clones that came out about that time. Don’t get turned away by the awkward special movements and the high learning curve! This game is awesome.

I can’t seem to find much info on it save GameFAQs stuff.

I loved playing this game and only wish I had someone to play against back in the day. I used to like Korr and Devina

Would love to see this game make a comeback. Still one of the most challenging, technical fighters to this day, and definitely didn’t get the attention it deserved. :confused:

It’s possible with netplay. While Kaillera’s kind of garbage we can still get actual gameplay from it. Maybe enough to start a scene?

^Hopefully, it’s just too bad Weaponlord can’t take advantage of something like ggpo.

p2p weaponlord owns

what’s p2p mean?
I have weaponlord for the genesis, I play it with a friend from harrisburg. It’s a pretty solid fighter…

Certain Kaillera servers support a P2P connection. It eliminates a lot of lag making it much closer to real life play. I’ve played Third Strike like that before and it runs a lot smoother. However it does require a good connection between both parties. Doing P2P across the US is a bad idea.

We should get some matchmaking up in here soon, maybe set up an IRC channel or something?

Weapon Lord…was a game way ahead of it’s time. I tip my hat to Namco for having made such a fun game. Very few people played it though…my friend and I used to have feud matches with Bane and Jeen-tai…the fatality combos, and parry’s made the game a true diamond in the rough.

or you could use the p2p kaillera client…there’s topics on it all over the Internet Matchmaking Forum…and it works just peachy cross country.

no one uses normal kaillera anymore.