Wear disposable contact lenses


Shit is gross.

I’d wear daily disposables if they didn’t cost so much…

oh man…way to make me freak out about my contacts dude…

damn, I’ll remember that when I get some insurance again.

ive been wearing contacts for over 4 years now

i wear the 2 week disposables, and i usually wear em for at least a month. sometimes i keep them in for days at a time, as much as my doctors advise against it.

i contracted pink eye during swim p.e. of my freshmen year and that shit SUCKED. eyes have been healthy ever since

There was this girl who used to work with me and she f’d up her eye good by keeping her contacts in for waaaay past the recommended time. It ended up giving her a crazy infection and she needed eye surgery. Everyone was concerned to her face but behind her back we were like “Why the F didn’t you just take off your contacts??”

Anyhow, surgery or contacts, doesn’t matter to me. I’d just like to be able to see (effectively) without my glasses :slight_smile:

Daily disposable my ass, I’m putting in fresh contacts every 2 hours.

Good thing I became poor and reverted back to glasses. :rofl:

If you get water infected with parasites in your eye at all, you’re still fucked. You know who’s also at risk? People who get infected water anywhere on their body.