WEB Battle Card System Launch (Updated: 09-18-10)


Web Battle Card System Now Live | Shadowloo

SUPER Battle Card System

This program is a simple imitation of the Battle card system used on Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets in Japan. While this program doesnt provide support for physical cards it still manages to do a decent job imitating the effects of the cards.

I use this program in Melbourne to gather data from most of the Ranking battles and tournaments held. From this program I was able to build a leaderboard for my city involving anyone that had ever played in the tournament… including out of state players.

The leaderboard can be found at http://www.battlecardsystem.com/results.php

I also managed to produce (with the help of BossLogic and the boys at Shadowloo.com) actual Battle Cards for the Battle Card System which featured a 8 digit number on the back which players could enter into Web Battle Card System and retrieve all the statistics from their matches.

Click to view physical cards :smiley:

I’ve made the program availiable to the wider community so that I can get feedback on the system itself and hopefully more people will be able to do the same for their community and spread the Street Fighter love.

Program Details

Battle Card System 1.40

Blank file

Download and run, installs to “My Documents” which you can alter
To reset the programs database you can reinstall over the top and choose the overwrite option so keep the installer

NEW Changes:

  • New UI
  • Super Street Fighter IV Characters
  • Super Street Fighter IV Artwork

For more details please visit Web Battle Card System

This looks like a great idea.

Would be cool if this caught on.

But there’s a new ranking system in place for SSFIV online…

But “that” ranking system:

  1. Isn’t portable
  2. Currently doesnt work in arcades
  3. Doesnt back play for those that prefer vanilla
  4. Isnt cross platform

any chance this will someday be crossplatform?

I dont think so, sorry Agony :frowning:

The Battle Card System has passed 1000 total downloads across all releases and I’d like to thank you guys for your continued support of this project!

Please continue to help me spread this program to the wider community by passing it onto friends / facebook links / tweeting and posting at other forums!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Updated the first post to be a little better :slight_smile:
And with links that work!! @_@

Nominated for an article. If we can get everyone behind this it will be revolutionary. As long as everyone tracks results honestly.

Great idea.

This is useful, good job on this

THis is pretty neat.

Unfortunatly i don’ know where to find an SSF4 cabinet anywhere in any arcades in southern ontario

looks interesting. i may try this out in my area

Hey pyro was just wondering what you enter in for “margin” was a bit confused.

all good found it If you play best of 5 rounds (3 rounds to win) and you win 3 - 1. The margin is 2; 3-2, margin is 1; 3-0 margin is 3. Too easy. Works for best of 3 rounds as well… I don?t see why it wouldn?t work with Best of 7 either but… that?s upto you.

Is this open source? I would love to help you guys code it. Computer science major looking for experience/projects…

Currently there are no plans to make this open source.
If you’re interested in some of the code snippets I’d be happy to share some of the logic but I wont be releasing the code as a whole
(Reasons: Old messy bad habits and some areas that could be made more efficient shame)

Cool designs ^^

Updated the first post with Web Battle Card System launch notes

i dont get this whats the difference between your one and the original bcs program them other dudes made? or are you the same dudes lol

and how would i get the bp of all the people who play in london on thereEe?