Web Throw Glitch? Tossing in the opposite direction



Recently I stumbled upon this video.


It was great to watch with an interesting team and even some great music, but what really surprised me was how out of nowhere a bunch of his combos web throw the opponent in the completely opposite direction. I’ve never seen that before.This has to be some sort of glitch. Glitch or not, I’ve looked it up and have seen absolutely no explanation for it. I’ve also seen another video where it was used. Can somebody please explain to me how/why this works? I’d love to try it.


It’s an inconsistent glitch involving camera auto correct before the game can properly register a crossup. It’s the same glitch that causes certain characters to air dash the wrong direction after air throws if their animation switches directions


Ah, I see. I kinda figured it was a camera glitch.

Question though, how do you pull it off?