Web throw xx Venom Web question?



i saw the meikyousisui vol.6 and saw at the end venom linking venom web by canceling web throw hp
thye combo goes like this lp ,laucher xx web throw xx to venom web and i was wonderig how you do this shit and what’s the timing for it since it’s very hard to do and i’ll appreciate soem hepl here
thanx in advance:D


Yeah u gotta be real fast with it, but why do that unless your setting up for another super attack like canceling it into IM’s P.C.
Venom web does littltle damage and it’s so risky especially in a Big match up. I prefer either a air combo or just mashing after the webthrow connects.

In the corner I do.
SJ.lp,SJ.lk,SJ.lp,SJ.FK and then I do a J.FK and then another J.FK or S.FK
It’s alot more damaging.

I prefer C.lk,S.lk (Sen proj)Super Venom rush


i’ve almost mastered the web throw xx V.web but can’t combo it of the launcher… i’v tried the corner triple hk after AC but can olny conect the segong hk… wha i’m doing wrong?:confused: