Web Zip - Applications and uses

I honestly think without web zipping constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY Spidey gets mauled in this game.

We all like his combos but his web zip IMHO (please somebody correct me if i’m wrong cuz i’m a Marvel scrub) is his greatest asset.

He needs a great assist to get in (i like molecular shield with Doom coupled with web zip shenannigans)

X-factor Spidey is almost as fast or maybe equal to X-Factored berseker charged Wolvie. web zip with x factor is so fast it makes spidey a blur when chasing or crossing opponents up

for him to be viable in tournament (and this is just theory fighter here lol) i think he should be zipping around to run away and to chase fliers especially since web zip hits opponets too. he should be all over the place being a pest

i still have to get used to his speed using web zip with x factor but i think there are some possibilites there.


Can’t disagree there. The frame advantage after web zip makes contact (either blocked or on hit) is absurd and gives you time to grab a sammich and come back into a combo/blockstring. It has a lenghty start up though so you need to be covered by an assist.

However, I think TK’d Web Swing L is better for up close pressure, since it has less start up, can stuff a lot of things and also has a hefty frame advantage on contact.

web zip is great, but his air dash and webswing are equally good. one huge advantage to playing spiderman is he has an amazing built in defense by being able to hang in the air so much. when airborne, high-low mixups are irrelevant.

Get into position above your opponent and at the right angle in the air to make them block Web zip. Immediately after it hits cancel into air dash and they will forced into an ambiguous cross up with JC.

j.c crosses up!?!? holy hell if that setup works on most characters then thank u very very much. i use amaterasu’s cold star assist and i’d like something REALLY ambiguous to use right when they snap out of block stun.

Hey everyone, new to the SRK forums and the Vs series. Not very good (still learning the lingo and doing missions) but I have a lot of competitive gaming experience (Gears of War, Halo, Smash Melee especially).

Anyway, I am currently using Trish/Spiderman/Dormammu and I find the web slinger to be an essential part of my team. The web zip in particular is his most useful move as it allows you to close the gap very quickly or stay mobile. Using it in combination with web swing and his very good wavedash (funny, I always thought wavedash was a Melee thing LOL) makes him impossible to catch in the right hands. Not only that, but he absolutely destroys Sent as his web zip from the ground will actually hit Sent (because he is so big) from almost full screen, and a fly-happy Sent will lose track of a webzipping spider very fast. I may not be that good, but Sent rarely if ever gives me trouble when I have spidey out. 9 times outta 10, when I hit Sent down from an air combo I can stay offscreen with webzips/swings and the icon doesn’t quite track me that well. Only seems to really work against Sent, and kinda Dorm because they large characters I guess, since against others the screen will zoom out properly. Web zip from the ground into air M,M or flying H into ground combo of your choice.

I like to mix it up a bit, and it’s great you can cancel webzip to web swing and vice versa, plus throw in some web kick to move across the screen 3 times very fast. Web zips only weakness is the startup, which is why I prefer to use the air version unless my opponent has some good anti-air counters.

Also, interesting crossup, if you manage to web zip behind someone (easier on small guys like V.Joe) and then web swing into an attack you can essentially do a double crossup from his webzip hitbox to a web swing attack. Timing and aim are the key parts, I have only managed to do it twice and it was because I was button mashing >.< but if you do it you can almost always catch someone offguard.

The guide in this thread is useful for introductions: http://shoryuken.com/f340/making-transition-ssfiv-mvc3-264837/

can the hit box on web zip cross up ?! i doubt it but wouldn’t hurt to ask

Here is an Ultimate Web Grab setup I’ve been working on.

After a light web swing follow up with an a.l, a.m, a.h, land, jump, a.l, a.m, a.h, web zip, a.h, land, ultimate web grab.

Have yet to try this in an actual match, but in theory it should be consistent in the corner.

I’m still kind of lost on how to use web zip well. I can’t seem to be able to place myself where I want to with it. Any tips on web zip usage and general air movement?

What attacks do you use from web zip from both ground and air?

The web zip should mainly be used to get yourself out of pressure situations. It can be used to link combos or get in on the action. But you shouldn’t be too predictable with it.

All forms of offense for Spidey should mainly be jump ins from air dashes. And you want to air dash into a S or H on the way down. I prefer H because I can guard against air throws. The reason why you want to air dash all the time is because it makes Spidey a lot faster in the air and can create crossups.

If you plan to start your attacks on the ground stick with s. L as your first attack. It’s 4 frames. A lot better then c. L which is 6 frames(not very good).

I’m using Web Zip a lot after an instant overhead. I usually jump M and cancel into web zip to continue pressure. Unfortunatelly, only H and S give enough hitstun to let Web Zip combo afterwards but they both only hit standing chars and miss even crouching Sentinel…Insta overhead into combo would have been to good.

Regarding the air dash into S mentioned, it is indeed awesome. The airdash however has a minimum height requirement so when going for this always start with a superjump for a faster overhead. Mixing up two overheads (M-S, or H-S depending on character), S into c.L or air L (wiff) into c.L is probably Spidey’s best mixup game.

web zip is an important asset to spidey. off an instant overhead you get a free crossup or low high to high low mixup. paired with a great assist like dooms rocks you can start a block string do what you need to and use the hit box of web zip to stay on the advantage frames of the moves plus allow time for doom to recharge so you can use him again or your second assist as well. against huge characters who like to stay in one spot web zip is great for getting that over head angle on them while rocks fill the screen. from there you can tk lk webswing into more web zip shenanigans or go for throw setups. i personally have found use in it when i am juggling someone off of a web swing and they get to high i use web zip to combo my air S so i can bring them down for a launcher. ive also used it midscreen in those situations you know which way your opponent is going to roll for an ambiguous wake up crossup. time it right and it can stuff assist before they start unless they have invincibility of course.

webzip is fucking awesome for offense. I wouldn’t listen to that babble from other players. Its fucking +17 on block and you wont use it for offense?

against sentinel, webzip is INCREDIBLY useful. Usually if you start jumping @ sentinel, c.m or s.s are a pain in the ass to deal with. He doesn’t have an automatic 2 piece poke thats fast and will break armor. But if you jump and throw the zip, it never matters if sentinel hits a button since the zip always takes him out of the animation. Awesome tool against sentinel.

against sentinel on the ground, upfwd webzip murders him since he can’t fucking crouch the damn thing. I typically just poke+assist, poke, webzip upfwd continue pressure. Even if there is a pushblock just webzip is ass.

Something to note about the webzip, you can block out of it while moving forward so its not like he’s completely vulnerable most of the time.

after air throws you can do air dash forward, webzip as someone is waking up. Thats pretty annoying\universal since its an option select.

the webzip itself has some incredibly unique properties. Against a crouching magneto, you can do c.L, c.H with an assist+webzip. Now if mangeto remains crouching through out the whole thing. the webzip will always put spiderman @ a crossup angle 100% of the time. The bigger the characters get, spidey has to take some steps backwards to get the same thing but he can make some VERY random setups off of that. If you set it up properly behind a helper, spidey ALWAYS gets a crossup.

when you jupfwd and zip someone there are 3 ways you can use it. first, land on the front side by aiming the zip @ their forehead. second, land on the back side by aiming the zip slightly above and behind their head. third, ambiguous zip angle where its dead center. From these 3 there are some more things. Like if you cancel during the forward animation, you’ll land fast. if you drag it out, he’ll do this slight air pause putting a natural delay on the high\low which really starts fucking people up.

corner pressure with web zip is fucking stupid! if you get someone in the corner, poke+assist, poke, assist hits, webzip, wiff, land webzip overhead. Depending on what assist you have, you can webzip 3 or 4 times with the right helpers. Thats 3-4 mixup scenarios. Since the corner shortens the webzip, it makes it actually practical.

midscreen webzip is really funky. If you’re towards the corner of midscreen, the webzip will end faster but if there is a lot of screen left, webzip takes longer. If you’re midscreen with someone, you can do a poke series to slide them back towards the wall midscreen making your webzip attempt happen much quicker.

the entire webzip is fucking hit box that travels @ 45 degree angles. Its a really crazy zoning tool for him. even if its durability points get taken out which isn’t that much iirc, it still makes the sticky contact regardless. I’ve been doing poke+drones, opponent push blocks, webzip for anti guard cancel falling mixup. The opponent never has a chance to jupfwd cause the webzip will cut off their escape route. If they stay standing on the ground, they eat a drones left\right mixup so they will more than likely crouch in which case you get a crossup.

oh yea, webzip as an AA is pretty fucking good. Since its a detached hit box, the opponent can’t trade out on it. So if you’re playing someone who likes to jump or sj air dash down fwd, you can call assist on reaction, then zip up\upfwd. If your aim is right, the zip will hit the opponent and if you don’t hit any buttons after this, they will more than likely fall into your assist as you land as well gaining a mixup.

during trijump battles, the goal is to make the opponent wiff in front of you with no assists to help him. Here if you bait that out, zip is actually a great tool. As they wiff, the zip makes contact allowing your pressure to happen

a really great trick I’ve noticed is to SJ then webzip the opponent when the screen shifts and he can’t see his character. If you aim the zip properly, it will zip a few pixels above their head and never make contact with the opponent. However since the opponent can’t see himself but sees the line is directly on top of him, I’m seeing lots of people push block and getting a wiff in which case spidey gets a free hit.

if you’re tired of the opponent holding up during your block strings and getting out of your repressure, you can just webzip him after any of those pokes. If they try to jump, it cuts them off for free and you can call a helper. Typically once you counter the opponents movement and they eat a mixup off that, it puts a little bit of fear in them.

thats all I got for now, I’m sure I forgot some things though.

Cool write up, I surely learned a few things.

Can you elaborate on this? I don’t understand the option select in this scenario. You mean the zip will autocorrect to where the opponent techs?

Also, remembered you can normal jump zip up to get to superjump height. This way you can call assists and they’re not depicted on screen, just like normal jump fly characters can do.

yo shoultz we gonna have to run strats again man. i keep finding stuff that im sure you are too but i aint got anyone to theorize with them about man. right now im trying to find other 600+ combos without assist.

you got it. Air throw, air dash fwd+fwd moving assist, wait webzip. It doesn’t matter what side they tech to as long as you get your angle right.

Its kinda crappy since some characters get free combos but @ least spidey gets a solid mixup that leads to more mixups.

yea, thats VERY important since spiderman is one of the few characters in the game that be @ SJ height with NJ properties w\o being hit first. If there is a shit ton of zone on the ground, zipping up and away works wonders since you can also block and its also good for dodging hidden missles from doom when timed properly.

I really hate zipping and facing the wrong fucking direction but its use as a dodging tool is very good. It can be incredibly awkward though trying to regain your bearings.

yea thats cool. I do see some of spidey’s problems in this game. He’s definitely a bit better than his mvc2 version but he’s still missing some tools.

I know a lot of people in the spidey section think he can zone which he can to some degree but arthur, magneto, doom, chris, dormamu all can beat his zone quite easily. Furthermore, spidey’s zone w\o an assist is pretty bad life. All web balls do 10,000 pts a piece and that is shit life since jabs do more. Only from certain ranges can you combo after web balls and from those ranges if you wiff a web ball with no helper, spidey is gonna be fucked.

His zone is only there to piss the other guy off for 1-2 layers thats it and then use his zone to create a mind game. It is not a reliable source of life cause it doesn’t do any life on its own. You have to put a mind game on it to make it effective.

Thanks for the tips guys, I’m getting a better idea of how to use web zip.

A lot of the stuff I’m having a hard time vizualizing though, is there any vid out there containing web zip/approach strat?

i totally agree with you ive been using his zoning as a decoy if you will. ill throw a web ball naked at safe distances where itll catch them if they try to attack with a beam or whatever but ill switch between M web throw and web zip. it happened once but i think i hit the guy but timed my attack WAY too early but i went under them and they flipped forward, or backwards i dont know because of cross up, but maybe with a decent assist you can use that to your advantage to pin them there to continue pressure.