Web Zip OTG help



So I’ve been trying to get Spidey’s Web Zip OTG to work for a while… But I’ve had a lot of mixed results. Sometimes, it works. Often, it doesn’t. I’ve looked up videos where it’s used and tried to somewhat replicate it, but I’m having trouble understanding how the hit stun works with it.

Usually, I can get as far as:
Web Throw > Dash > Web Zip OTG > Jumping H or S > And sometimes one more move before they pop out of it.

Can anyone explain how to better combo into it. I want to understand how it works…


Must have explained this a number of times already not to mention others. It’s posted on the combo thread iirc.

Anyway, the j:h: after and OTG zip only works after a few hits into a combo (raw web throw, or normal ground series to web throw or air grab), other than that j:s: is used as it comes out a frame faster. To practice j:h: get the training dummy to do raw jumps then perform an air grab. You can then time your zip OTG to j:h: after. To time the zip OTG to either :h: or :s: what you can do is to look at the zip projectile and press an input as soon as it hits your opponent’s knees or legs to get the pick up; this gives Spidey the momentum he needs for continuing the combo. If you do it late or early, you will drop the combo. When you get used to hitting the opponent, you have to practice to scoop them with a s:m: to either c:h: or s:h: as soon as you hit the ground for more hits.

It’s all about practice, timing and getting used to. Hit me up if you’re still having problems.