Web Zip OTG Uselessness

I’m a person who’s been using Spidey almost religiously since the original Marvel Super Heroes game and he’s always been my favorite Super Hero character. In MvC3 I loved his Web Zip Ability and it became a vital part of my gameplan.

When I heard of the UMvC3 changes, I was excited to learn that a low air Web Zip now OTGs, however, when I tried it in practice, I can’t help but notice how actually crap it is, at least in my opinion.

It’s EXTREMELY rare you’ll be in a situation where you can use or accurately aim the Web Zip due to how Spider-Man works, the small & low position of the opponent on the ground, and the how fast your opponent will recover if you actually you pop them up. Not to mention the recovery they get once you pop them up is so fast they can easily block or counter you on incoming. It’s hard enough to Maximum Spider into it, especially since Maximum Spider is ridiculously sensitive to what angle your opponent is at before it registers as a hit and if it fails, which it’s likely to, you are screwed because Capcom thought it was a good idea to give him a long unskippable recoil animation regardless of whether it hits or not.

So I have to ask, am I missing something here? Is there an actual logical and useful application to the Web Zip OTG or am I correct on how useless this is?

I admit, I’m nowhere near a master player, I’m barely average so if possible, I’d love you guys to shed some light on this for me.

You’re missing a lot. Got check the combo thread and video thread. Web Zip isn’t bad despite what you think. It’s used in all of Spiderman’s strongest combos, completes his air throw game and it sets up various resets. That’s not including zip cancels and the other utilities it has outside of OTG options. It serves it’s purpose you need to practice with it.

I’m new to the forum and didn’t notice the video thread.

There are a lot of videos there… Do you mind linking me to a good example?

it helps combo solo off of airthrows, web throw, and ultimate web throw… can help out to combo after spider sting/bite if you don’t pick up directly after the ground bounce, and i’m sure has other uses.

ie after web throws here

credit to raoh

Ya webzip otg is actually pretty amazing. It not only allows him to combo reliably off of air throws, but as tons of combo applications and opens up more possibilities for team combinations. Its was almost necessary to have an otg assist in MvC3 but now with the webzip otg it opens Spidey up to more viable team variations. It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of as its probably the “worst” otg in the game, but the reset situations it opens up can be devastating.

No. He’s right. Web Zip, as an OTG, is the second worse in the game. Being so, however, doesn’t make it all bad; we’ve found ways to maximize its utility. Still, even with brilliant minds on these boards, I wish Spidey of capable to Web Zip OTG in the corner and after a ground throw to combo extend without an assist.

Edit: But Web Zip CANCELLING! Now there’s something that inexplicably amazing.

Second Worse? Who’s the worst? Up until now, I was convinced it was the Web-Zip OTG.

Perhaps I need more practice with it. But I have found VERY few situations where I have the chance to use it in time and if I do I either can’t properly take advantage of it because they recover before I get there or it blows up in my face…

Practice the OTG? It takes a couple of hours to get used to, but it’s extremely easy once you learn the spacing and timing of the follow-ups.

Wow. You can get a full combo off airthrow and allows him to extend combos/get resets off hard knockdowns. What more do you need out of an OTG? Just learn setups or copy the ones that are out there.

It’s not the best, has problems in the corner, off ground throws and random knockdowns like vajra assist, but you do sound pretty clueless. For combo purposes it’s perfectly fine, you just have to get used to it. Most circunstances:

1- after webthrow: dash, air dash, web zip OTG, j.H or S on the way down (possible to just airdash, but I prefer the other method).
2- after air throw: web zip OTG, j.H or S after you recover.
3- after UWT: jump forward and web zip otg, j.H or S (possible to neutral jump).
4- after air series: in corner, back dash and otg; midscreen, i like to do a web swing cancelled into a web zip (not as fast as doing it manually, but I like how it looks and ensures I do it as low to the ground as possible).

Also, the time after the otg is the same for all characters, because hit stun deterioration is the same. The reason they seem to recover faster is because you’re otging from the other side of the screen and you’re still hitting them from the air, whereas characters like wesker and doom pop them up on the ground and right next to them, making the followup look easier. It’s just a matter of getting used to, though.

Viewtiful Joe’s bomb and/or Hsien Ko’s bomb (since it comes out randomly.

There’s quite a few OTG moves worse than web zip. I think people are only saying that because it’s one of the more common ones to see now.