Web Zip Question

Web zip is S+Atk, right? How do you control where the zip would be? I always try to OTG using it, but i always get the upwards one. Do i need to hold down + S + atk, or is a neutral state enough?


air down (or down forward) + attack + s

Web Zip has three directions on the ground and five directions in the air. The directions are :uf: :u: :ub: :db: :df:, the last two of which are unavailable when on the ground. When in a neutral state, Web Zip default to :uf: or :ub: when on the ground and :df: or :db: when airborne; the default web zip differs by the direction you’re facing. In order to manually change the direction of Web Zip, you will have to hold down the direction on your stick or pad that you would like to travel in before pressing the inputs :atk: + :s:.

If you are doing the :uf: web zip while airborne when attempting to OTG, this most certainly means that you’re inputting :atk: + :s: while you’re still pressing :u: to jump. If you be wary to stay neutral or pressing the correct direction before inputting Web Zip, then it will work properly.

You can’t zip straight up while in the air. But to clear things up web zip tracks. You can jump neutral and it will aim towards the opponents direction. Other than that when on the ground press left or right to zip in that direction and in the air use the diagonals to zip in the direction you want

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thanks for the tips guys. i guess the best way for me to do zip the way i want it to is to hold the direction + S + ATK