Webcomic: Capcom Vs. SNK Theatre presents Romeo & Juliet

This is something I actually made quite a few years ago as part of a contest being held by the Zany Video Game Quoteswebsite. The objective was to tell a story using as many of the silly lines on the site as possible. So, I put my thinking cap on and decided what better format for a script consisting entirely of goofy dialogue than a timeless classic everyone’s familiar with? After that, one idea lead to another and before you knew it, Dan Hibiki from the house of Capcom and Yuri Sakazaki from the house of SNK came together as our two star-crossed lovers torn apart by their families’ bitter rivalry!

Capcom Vs. SNK Theatre presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

I hope you all enjoy it! If I feel encouraged I might post more of my stuff here. O’ course, they’re also on my site.